Best Way to find Jobs Via Google

How many of you are enrolled in Job portals like, Times and many more. One guy used the power of Google and Google adwords to find a job for him.  Guy name Alex Brownstein, put an ad using Google adwords on Google saying

“ Hey Ian Reichenthal, Gooogling yourself is a lot of fun, hiring me is a fun too”

Since most of the People search on Google by their name, Alex run ads for the name of few NYC creative directors and by the end he was interviewed by few of them and finally ended up getting a job.

Here is a screenshot if his ad and watch the below video to get more insight about his 6$ investment to find his dream job:


Now this is real creativity in my opinion. Are you going to try something like this to find your dream job?


TechGyo May 15, 2010

I didn’t know that.

jaswanth May 16, 2010

Its really nice.., i didn’t know this.