New Security Feature for Facebook: Notify If Someone Log in Your Facebook Account

Facebook has become the most popular place for spammers and hackers, recently we had discussed about the Facebook Spam which is spreading like wild fire, but Facebook has rolled out a new security feature which will protect its users from malicious attacks.

Facebook has rolled out this security feature which will help users alot. The main use of this feature is, Facebook will alert you if some one tries to access your facebook account from someother computer device other than one which you use daily to login facebook. You need to register your computer device (which you use it regularly to access facebook) with facebook, So if someone tries to access your account from someother computer or mobile device, facebook will notify you. With a simple activation, users will be notified when hackers or others access their Facebook account from other devices.

To configure and activate this notification of unauthorized access, users need to log in to their Facebook account and go to Account Settings then click on the link next to “Account Security” at the bottom of the page. If you select the option to receive notifications for logins from new devices, when you log in, you’ll be asked to name and save the various devices you use to access Facebook.

For example, you can save your home computer, your school or work computer, and your mobile phone. Once you’ve done this, whenever someone logs in to your account from a device not on this list, Facebook will ask the person to name the device

Once you have set the computer device name, you will receive a email to confirm along with the instruction to deactivate the service incase if you need it.