Google Chrome out of Beta!

Finally the moment has arrived when Google decided to atleast remove beta from one of its services. Google has played this smart tactics by launching many things publicly, but in beta phase.

This beta model saves their lot of time as there testing of a product is unconsciously done by us (the end users). This way they not only save money but he brunt of market too by not developing any product further.

On Similar lines Google has launched many ventures like a comprehensive email in Gmail, a new promising web browser Chrome and until now both were in beta phase, but now Chrome 1.0 is officially out for work.

What can you expect? Here is a short preview of recent changes in Chrome:

  1. Better Speed
  2. Fixed Bugs
  3. Bookmarks Options
  4. Better Privacy Control

With one beta phase officially over lets see how much Google stands up to the promises made in his 1.0 launch. Though officially Chrome is only out for windows, but Mac OS X or Linux users or for Portable Chrome you can see this link.


gracy December 17, 2008

Informative post! So.. what can we expect in the upcoming versions??
Better speed -I’ve experienced..Privacy -on what lines???

Rahul Bansal December 20, 2008

First thing I am expecting is complete support for third party addons/extensions.