URL Shortening Gadget for Gmail Users

gmail bit.ly gadget Bit.ly, one among the most famous URL shortening service has announced the launch of a Gmail gadget which you can use to shorten long URLs instantly from within your Gmail inbox. You must be aware, few days ago Gmail launched a ‘Add gadget by URL’ feature into its labs series. By activating this feature, you can use any external Gmail compatible application into your Gmail inbox. Today we are going to make use of once such external gadget which will help you to shorten any long URLs right from your Gmail inbox. This gadget will really prove useful when you are sharing some long URL to your online buddies.

To use this gadget, first you need to activate ‘Add any gadget by URL’ feature which will be available under Settings-> Labs tabs. After you enable this labs feature, open Settings-> Gadgets and add the following URL into the form given.


After you add the above URL into the form and save it, you can see a new window below ‘Chats’ on the left panel of your Gmail inbox which will help you shorten any given URL into a http://bit.ly/xxxxx format URL. I found this gadget useful, you too give it a try and let us know your opinion about it. 🙂

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