Beware Copycats! Copyscape could be watching you!

image Are you worried about protecting your content online – be it in the form of a corporate website, online publication, blog, or even a marketing document? If yes, then this post is for you…

Now, defend your website from online plagiarism by tracking copycats and protecting your Web content against online theft.

Protecting content online:

With the help of Copyscape, which is an online tool, you could easily and conveniently track your content that has been used without your permission online by someone else. Copyscape can also help you find websites that have quoted you. All you need to do is, type the address of your webpage in Copyscape’s search bar, and it would list the ‘copycats’ for you.


You could then check the results by doing a word-by-word comparison for each matching block that is highlighted by colors. (The colors don’t have any particular meaning though).

How much does it cost?

Although you could use this service for FREE, but only for limited number of searches, which means, a maximum of 5 searches per month. To use more, you will have to sign up for Copyscape’s Premium version for $0.05 per search.

Note: Copyscape could track your website even when you haven’t stolen any content!

This could happen sometimes! Copyscape works on the lines of finding similar content online, without making any judgments about which page is “original”.

So, careful before you draw any conclusions!

If you have more questions in mind, then click here.

[Source: Copyscape]

6 replies on “Beware Copycats! Copyscape could be watching you!”

  1. nice information…also, google is pretty intellegent in detecting copied material.
    also, it will reduce PR and punish webmasters who do so intentionally or even unintentionally.

  2. Copyscape is really good. I’ve been using it for some time and its able to detect content theft even if the copied content is 3-4 lines long. Its really good.

  3. The only thing is its not free, I’m looking for some free alternative.
    I realized that few bloggers are copying my posts, though they are doing it unintentionally.
    I hate marking a mail to Google blogspot or wordpress team for this. Probably a set back for new blogger, but I can’t take risk of hurting my PR.

  4. its fake i just hate this servic if i have type my name in my web site it also show that thing is copyed

  5. Copyscape sucks, it searches toe internet for any occurance of the same letters strung together similarly to your own work, ever use ‘The Dog’ anywhere’s online? chances are Copyscape will label you a plageriser

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