Use popular mobile to-do planner AnyDO on web

One thing that AnyDo ( gets right is that it simplifies planning your day. Any.DO did something rare, which was start from Android and then move to iOS. The simply idea of creating these to-do lists was ability to allot tasks and organize them according to time sensitive folders like Today, Tomorrow, Someday etc or even type sensitive folders like Work, Home etc.

It has a nice Chrome extension that works well with Gmail tasks on the browser. But one thing missing was the option of using it on the web. A couple of days ago AnyDo has finally made a web app available.

AnyDO web app
Using through its website

The style and format of the web app for Any.Do remains more or less consistent with the mobile apps.

Personally I have always liked Any.Do for its simplicity. But that is just a first impression. It has a lot of small tweaks that can help you plan your week and day. It also has a Cal app on the phone, though that does not seem to have a web app as yet. I have used Any.Do but tended not to use it as much as I could not use it just on a website. So this new feature will probably have using it more than before.

Try out the new app at and see for yourself.

Link: AnyDo apps


Schedule Posts/Updates on Google+ Pages

One of my favourite feature on Facebook pages is that it allows users to schedule posts. This allows a page owner to post an update for maximum visibility. It also means the posts can be spaced out and not spam someones timeline. Google+ Pages are also popular with bloggers to share their posts online but unfortunately there seem to be no option to schedule posts. This feature itself is completely missing on Google+.

Bufferapp for Google Plus Pages

But Bufferapp which also allows scheduling of tweets on multiple accounts, has introduced scheduling options with Google+.

This allows users to hook up their Google+ page to Buffer and schedule posts at separate times and dates.


Some Limitations!

There are restrictions on the number of posts you can schedule and also the number of accounts you can use with Buffer with the free package.

I was a little disappointed with BufferApp not supporting posting to Google+ profiles but it seems to be an issue on Google’s side. Google has not released a Read/Write version of its Google+ Profile API. This means we are not going to see 3rd party apps being able to schedule and post on Google+ profiles anytime soon.

Try out BufferApp for Google+ pages. Do let me know about your views and any similar services in your comments.

Link: Buffer for Google+ Pages


Housing India – Best way to look up flats for rent in India

I am sure searching for a new house in India is not exactly a smooth process. There are many website in India to search for properties but I found very innovative and unique.

The website’s best feature is how simple it is to look up apartments to rent or buy from the major cities in India.Currently the website caters to Mumbai, Gurgaon, Hyderabad, Pune, Bangalore, Noida and Ghaziabad.

Housing India layout – Google Maps based interface

How works

  • The service uses a very innovative interface based on Google Maps. The left column shows a list of available flats for rent or to buy based on your search.
  • Selecting one of the flats it shows details of the flat in a pop-up. This includes details like expected rent, photos, details and even a bit of information about the neighbourhood. The phone number to the agent is also listed.
  • House hunting becomes easy as we can save a lot of favourites and then look through each individually at a later date.

The service also has mobile apps for Android and iPhone. Overall, I did use this to search for information in my area of residence and found a lot of accurate data.

Do try out and drop in your comments.


MailDrop – Create Disposable Email That Stays Forever

MailDrop is a service that helps you to create a disposable email ID. These email IDs do not expire like those from 10 Minute Mail, Guerrilla Mail or TrashMail. This service is new to this niche. Never the less, it has an elegant user interface and works flawless.


This service is free to use and doesn’t require a sign up. Creating an email ID is also easy. You’ll just have to enter your name or nickname and voila, the email ID is created! It also gives you some cool email ID suggestions.

Some Restrictions in MailDrop


MailDrop might look really interesting to you at first. But there are some restrictions that come along with this service.

  • Email IDs require no passwords. So anyone can check out your email inbox.
  • The email size is limited to 100 kB and the attachments will be stripped off.
  • A maximum of 10 mails can be stored at a time.
  • If the inbox doesn’t receive an email for 24 hours, all the mails in the inbox will be deleted.

Security Solution for MailDrop

With no password option for the email IDs, it’s easy for the public to dig into your mail inbox. MailDrop has a solution to this. The service provides an Alias Address. Every email ID created on MailDrop comes with an Alias Address. Email sent to the Alias Address also shows on the original inbox. People cannot see the Alias Address inbox without knowing the original address.


Note : The privacy section of MailDrop states that the algorithm that converts real MailDrop addresses to inbox aliases is public and can be reverse engineered by anyone. So, it’s best not to send sensitive information on MailDrop.

Link: MailDrop website


Jobber’s Park: Free Online Resume Building Web App

Yesterday, I was having a chat with Arun Sathiya who is a regular author on our blog. He was asking for tips on creating a resume as he did not have much idea on how to go about it. He is still in his first year of engineering and there is still time left for him to start sending out his resume as a job seeker, but he could really find websites like Jobber’s Park very useful.

Jobber’s Park is a free online resume builder that allows users to share a visual and text based resume.

Text version of Resume made on
Text version of Resume made on Jobber’s Park

Jobber’s Park Features

  • Users have to register but the service itself is free. A host of questions are asked about previous employment and current employment along with personal obvious details like name, email address.
  • There is an option to add a photo to personalize the Resume a lot more.
  • I could add keywords or things that define me as a professional.

The resume once completed can be shared as a link with anyone your want. They get to see the usual text based version that is in the picture above and also a infographic styled visual version.

You can also read up some more helpful articles listed below:

Do try out Jobber’s Park and drop in your comments.

Link: Jobber’s Park


Basic Sitemap – Generate sitemap of WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr Blogs

Sitemaps are considered as the simplest and easy way for webmasters to inform search engines about pages or content on their sites. Making sitemaps can be complex but most times bloggers usually need only a basic sitemap generator. Basic Sitemap web app can be used to generate sitemap of blogs that are created on WordPress, Tumblr and Blogspot.

These sitemaps can then be submitted to Google and Bing webmaster tools for indexing.

Basic Sitemap Features

  • First of all go to Basic Sitemap. Then you can see page as shown in the figure.
  • In the left site you can see a text box. Enter the complete URL of your blog. For example Avoid using country domains such as “” or “”.

text box to enter blog address

  • Once the user entered the address of blog and press ‘generate sitemap’ button. Then it will automatically generate the link to sitemap.

automatically generate sitemap

  • Now copy the address generated by basic sitemap.
  • Open Google or Bing webmaster tools. For demonstration purpose I am using Google webmaster. You need to enter username and password of your Google or Bing account for opening webmaster tool.
  • Once the Webmaster site opens you can see your blog address as in the figure below. If it is not there press ‘Add URL’ or ‘Add Site’ button and add address of your blog. Now click on your blog address.

webmaster tool window

  • Now you are directed to new page. To the right hand side of the page you can see a Sitemap bar. Click on it.

Sitemap option

  • Then you are directed to new page. In this page you can see ‘Add/Test Sitemap’. Press it. In the popup window paste the URL that you copied. Then press ‘Submit sitemap’.

Submitting sitemap

That’s it, your blog’s sitemap is now submitted on Google. For more advanced web tools you can look up the official Google’s recommended list of 3rd party tools for creating sitemaps here.

Link: Basic Sitemap


Create and Share Online Polls Directly on Twitter – Twoll

Twitter is a great place for asking questions and getting answers in real-time. is a handy web app that helps creating online polls with Twitter. Running a poll on Twitter means sending out a link and hoping your followers will take the trouble of opening the link and then voting. People really do not like visiting a web poll from Twitter, mainly because many of them are on a mobile phone.

Twoll resolves this issue by allowing the clicking of a particular URL to register a vote.

Twitter Polls

How it works:

  • Simply visit and use Twitter credentials to authorize the app from your Twitter account.
  • Now create a poll and add a question. Add options and a preview of the poll is created.
  • Tweet out the poll and it shows up with links that can be clicked.
  • Users can close the poll after after a while and can check the percentage of votes for the options provided.

Here is an example of a poll I created on Twoll.

A pro account version is expected soon and I think that will show more details on how many people are actually voting.

Do try out Twoll and let me know your views on it in your comments.

Link: Twoll


Twitonomy: Get Free In-depth Stats and Graphs About Twitter Usage

I spend some time on social media but most of it is dedicated to Facebook. Twitter is a service which I do not really use a lot. I usually add some articles I like sharing on Buffer App and move on. I like Twitter because the noise on it is always about what is happening currently. But what it lacks is the ability to show us some handy analysis of our activity on it. This is where Twitonomy is pretty good and whats more it is free.

Twitonomy Features

I found that Twitonomy really shows a great deal of insights about how we use Twitter. The first thing that struck me were data on the users I most retweeted. More importantly it showed the number of tweets I had retweeted. This was pretty good data on how I basically interact on Twitter.


Tweet analytics are very basic overview of the number of tweets between a particular timeframe and data related to it. For example it seems like I tweet 5.18 times a day but get a retweet only 12% of the time. That means once in every three days.


The most handy analysis I found on Twitonomy was an analysis of the retweets on my tweets. It shows a table which tweets were Retweeted and by how many users and how many followers each use had. This is I guess important to see what sort of thing that you share is the most viral.


These were just three of my favorite stats analysis I shared above. There are several more like analysis on your followers, on lists and much more.

Additionally you can also have Twitonomy get you data on other Twitter users. But I did not find it all that useful for normal users like me. But it is something social media experts might be interested in.

Do try out Twitonomy and drop in your comments and views.

Link: Twitonomy

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Automatically Scan Chrome Bookmarks For Bad Links

Even before websites had RSS feeds on them, people followed their websites by bookmarking pages on their browser. Even today, I have several webpages bookmarked on my browser.

Anyone with several bookmarks on a browser might be familiar with the issue of some bookmarks becoming defunct (bad links) or even being saved multiple times. Bookmark Sentry is an extension, that allows users to scan Chrome bookmarks for bad links and duplicate links.

Bookmark Sentry Scans Bookmark Director

Bookmark Sentry Features

  • Install the extension and it carries out a scan of Chrome’s bookmark directory.
  • It will show up 404 links, duplicate content and empty folders. With a single click all the errors can be cleaned up.
  • Users can also set the time for the extension to scan the bookmarks. I ideally set the scan to be done after 1 month as we do not bookmark too many webpages everyday.
Bookmark Scan Settings
Settings for Bookmark Sentry

As this extension works only on Chrome, you might like these cool tips to get more out of your Chrome browser.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Bookmark Sentry


Switch Idea – Find Jobs Using Your Social Media Accounts

I am sure most people reading this post have a profile on some sort of social media websites. LinkedIn is very popular with professionals but how about leveraging other social profiles like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ in your job hunt.

I recently came across a interesting website called Switch Idea. The website mainly acts as a platform for professionals and freelancers to get jobs. Job seekers are notified via their social networks.

How Switch Idea works

  • For job seekers just fill in some details about yourself and associate your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ with Switch Idea.
  • Users can also add their Resume onto the sites. All this information is available on a publicly shared VCard (Virtual business card).

  • You can register as a employer too and create new job posts. Users are notified via their social media accounts.
  • Employers can then award the job to the ones who have responded.

As the website is pretty new I am not sure how good this is for professional placements but I think it might be good idea to get a profile on it anyways. Also this seems like a great platform for freelancers and employers who are looking for freelancers.

Try out Switch Idea and let me know what you think about it in your comments.

Link: Switch Idea