Beware Orkuteers while Logging Into Orkut!

With the growth of Orkut users, there are equal amount of rise in creation of fake profiles and malicious & other hatred activities being carried out inside this ‘so called’ Social networking sites.

Recently Arpit sent me a profile link that automatically gets diverted to a page that is cloned exactly with that of Orkut’s login page and when you enter your Orkut login information into the cloned page, they seem to store your data and automatically divert you to the homepage of Orkut.

So, this post is to aware you on how your password too, can be hacked within seconds. To prevent from such kind of hacking, you are requested, not to provide your Orkut login information in any other sites except in Orkut. As a precautionary measure, you should always punch in your password only in the login form that you get after typing on the address bar.

Those who want to have a look on the fake login page, its here. But make sure that you do not enter your correct password on the page if you don’t want to loose your Orkut account. Open the page on your own risk, OrkutDiary will not be responsible if anything wrong goes with your account.


p align=”justify”>Note: The link of the fake Orkut site is removed because it was not working any more. Still there are many more such sites, so beware while logging into Orkut.

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4 replies on “Beware Orkuteers while Logging Into Orkut!”

  1. When I click this link… I get a page warning “Reported Web Forgery!”…

    Q1. Who suggests me this??? my Mozilla Firefox??
    If Yes, then please can you answer following too…

    Q2. Does Mozilla automatically find it OR is it when someone reports it?

    Q2.A. If automatic then>> How does Mozilla find?
    Q2.B. If manual then>> How can one report any page as “web forgery”

    Thanks! 🙂

  2. @Deepesh
    The site has been blocked by the free hosting provider itself. About the other feature you were talking about, I’ll have to experiment on it 😉

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