[New Scam] How many Times your Profile was Viewed!

Once again a new scam hits Facebook and its users. I dont understand where do these scams come from. Well, anyways this one promises you to show how many times your profile has been viewed.

I saw this today while Facebooking ( I think this should be a word now in dictionary! ). One of my friend had published on his Facebook wall that his profile was visited several times. I also wanted to see that so I tried, and as usual I was asked to perform a number of tasks.

On clicking, none of them worked. Moreover the same amount profile visitors is shown. That is everyone had the same number of visits. This is just a waste of time. Facebook developers would be seeing these updates so why not try making one such genuine app. People love to know who visited their profile, how many times it has been viewed etc. Please do listen to us. 🙂

Well, so please don’t click such things until you are sure or you see it here. Share your views with me.


How to make a Creative Photo Profile on Facebook

By now you must have seen many Facebook profiles with a creative touch. A Facebook profile with your photo or a scenery and nicely divided.

Yes, now you can also make your Facebook profile look amazing. This is very easy. Profile Maker is an application that makes this task so easy.

How to make a creative Facebook profile?

  • Go to this application.
  • Allow the application.
  • Upload your photo or any other thing.
  • Click on Create Profile.
  • Click on Go to Photo.
  • There click on Make profile picture.

Hence, its done. Wow so easy. I am really thankful to the application developer to make it so easy. I have been trying to make such a profile page since long and now I can do it.

Did you try it? If you find any other such application do share it with me through the comments below.


Beware! Orkut Hackers Sending Fake eMails!

Beware all Orkut users! Now hackers are sending friend request emails that look similar to any genuine Orkut email. Below are screen shots of emails sent by hackers:



At first, you might find similarities in both the emails, but on a closer observation, I found that all the links in that mail that came to me are redirected to the following address

Initially, I didn’t look for anything and just clicked on that link in the email and even typed my Login details in the fields. That is when I remembered that I had saved my Password and Username for Orkut in my Firefox Browser. I saw the URL and I was shocked to see it.


Now, how does this work?

Basically, hacking using fake Login pages is called as Phishing…

  • When you click on sign in, the Login form will go to another file. In this case the file name is process.php
  • Now this process.php file will contain the code in the below image.
    Now the highlighted FILENAME.TXT file’s name can be anything that can be kept as a secret.
  • The FILENAME.TXT file stores the Username and Password entered into the fields of the fake Login page

Please be careful while logging into Orkut account. Just TRIPLE CHECK the URL if you see an Orkut Login page that you have not TYPED yourself in the in the address bar 🙂

Still, I’m doing research on this site to crack out what that .txt filename is..!! 😛


Orkut’s “Shiv-Sena Hate Community” Busted!

What happened to the freedom of speech and expression, I wonder? Imagine running a community on Orkut, and being held accountable for every message posted. This is exactly what happened to Ajith D, a 19 year old computer student and an Orkut account holder, who apparently created a “Shiv Sena hate community” on Orkut. Mumbai cyber crime tracked him down and initiated criminal proceedings against him. Not just that, the site is being constantly supervised by the police after the Sena violently protested against Orkut for carrying anti-party remarks.

Ajith has denied posting any death threats against Sena’s Chief Bal Thackeray, however, has admitted on creating the anti-Shiv Sena online group.

orkut anti shiv sena community

Try running a simple search on Orkut, and you’d find hundreds of such “hate communities” online – “I hate Ekta Kapoor”, I hate George W. Bush” and so on, where people post all kinds of comments, share all kinds of personal views. I’m sure many Orkut users (and others) have already deleted their online communities after this incident blew up.

Share your thoughts on what you think about this case? Also, do you think that your online freedom of expression is being threatened?

After this incident, I personally feel very uncomfortable creating a community online. Being held accountable in the court of law, for statements made or opinions shared within the community, in my books, is a little too excessive!

(Source: The Telegraph)


Orkut Profile of Gabbar Singh [Funny]

Below is mock screenshot of Orkut profile of Gabbar Singh. Gabbar Singh is villain from famous bollywood film Sholay.


(click on image to enlarge it)

If you have more profiles like this, please share with us. 🙂

Thanks Pradip. 🙂


Beware Orkuteers while Logging Into Orkut!

With the growth of Orkut users, there are equal amount of rise in creation of fake profiles and malicious & other hatred activities being carried out inside this ‘so called’ Social networking sites.

Recently Arpit sent me a profile link that automatically gets diverted to a page that is cloned exactly with that of Orkut’s login page and when you enter your Orkut login information into the cloned page, they seem to store your data and automatically divert you to the homepage of Orkut.

So, this post is to aware you on how your password too, can be hacked within seconds. To prevent from such kind of hacking, you are requested, not to provide your Orkut login information in any other sites except in Orkut. As a precautionary measure, you should always punch in your password only in the login form that you get after typing on the address bar.

Those who want to have a look on the fake login page, its here. But make sure that you do not enter your correct password on the page if you don’t want to loose your Orkut account. Open the page on your own risk, OrkutDiary will not be responsible if anything wrong goes with your account.


p align=”justify”>Note: The link of the fake Orkut site is removed because it was not working any more. Still there are many more such sites, so beware while logging into Orkut.