Bill Gates Got Guinness World Record Certificate for Downloading Firefox! Claim Yours!

On 17 June 2008, Firefox 3 set world-record for most downloaded software in a day. Over 8,000,000 downloads were reported in first 24-hours. Download counter crossed 13 million mark at the time of writing this as shown below in following world map

Firefox 3 Download World-map

Now as a loyal firefox user, you contributed by downloading firefox and so you are awarded with Guinness world record certificate like below…

 Bill Gates Guinness World Record Certificate for Downloading Firefox

You can claim your certificate by going to spread firefox community and entering your name. Certificate will be downloaded in PDF format.

Link: Guinness world record certificate | Download World-map

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Muhammad Inam August 26, 2009

please send me the bill Gates Software Certificate.
I shall be very thanks to you.
Muhammad Inam