2nd Anniversary Celebration Updates! [Editorial]

Last week, we celebrated second anniversary of Devils Workshop.

We organized three different giveaway event and few other things as part of celebration. Also few readers joined the party with return gifts. Owning to my own bad health I was mostly on bed rest for the last few days so this post got little delayed.

Now first I am grateful to Johnson who make me change my desktop background after long time. Below is screenshot of my desktop with background designed by him…

Devils Workshop Wallpaper.jpg

Johnson also designed few more wallpapers for Devils Workshop fans which can be found in this flickr photo stream.

Now coming back to the party, entrecard credits giveaway and special advertising rate events are over now and results will be declared on June 25.

Free domain registration and hosting space event is open till 23 June so you can still participate for this. More details about this event can be found here.

On personal front, I am feeling much better now and hopefully will resume normal blogging from tomorrow. Special thanks to my twitter friends for their get well soon wishes… 🙂