Black Menu – Easy access to all Google services in Chrome

I use a lot of Google services daily, so using Chrome makes sense, as it perfectly integrates with many of Google apps. The Google bar also links to many Google services making them a click away.

But if you want something more, give Black Menu a try. It’s like Google bar sitting in your browser.


Basically, it’s a Chrome extension that lets you access many of Google services like Google search, Gmail, Play, News, Drive, YouTube and many more without leaving the page you’re viewing. Links open in a new tab and the extension is neatly designed.

In fact, it looks like an official extension created by Google.

Apart from links, you can use Google Translate to translate text, Google Maps to get location, Google News to read top news, and YouTube to watch videos, all this without opening a new tab.

Search function is built into many of Google services, especially useful for Gmail.

iGoogle provides a similar functionality by grouping up all Google services into one page, but now that it is going to be shutdown, Black menu can be a decent alternative.

Showing notifications for Gmail and a keyboard shortcut for opening can be interesting additions to the extension.

What Google services do you use? Will you find this plugin useful? Let’s hear that in the comments.

Link: Black Menu