BlackBerry Outage Downs BBM and Email!

BlackBerry_logoRIM’s BlackBerry network which allows users access to internet, messenger and email has faced an outage for the past few hours.

This has affected users across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Potentially this will impact millions of users. It is the last thing RIM needed while facing the heat from the rise of Apple’s iPhone and Android based smart-phone.

BlackBerry’s woes…

BlackBerry has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the past few months and years. It has faced criticism over its secure network with many governments across the world, asking RIM to enable access to their network.

Also its tablet offering called BlackBerry PlayBook has hardly met any success like its competitors, mainly iPad and Android based tablets from Samsung.

Hopefully the network outage will be resolved soon, allowing users to be connected. I won’t be surprised that once the network is up, quite a few of them might search for information about a iPhone. 😉

Are you a BlackBerry user and are you facing issues? Do drop in your comments.

Source: BlackBerry on Twitter