Create Virtual Machine/OS on Ubuntu 12.04 with KVM

To manage multiple OS, you might have faced the need of Virtual Machines setup. If you are unaware of virtualization you can find more information here. We will use kvm, vmbuilder and libvirt for making virtual image. kvm – Full virtualization solution for Linux on x86 (64-bit included) hardware containing virtualization extensions (Intel VT or […]

Google Decides to Shutdown Popular Image Editing Tool Picnik

If you are fans of Picnik, the online image editing tool, here is some bad news for you. Picnik will be shut-down from April 2012 onwards. Picnik made this announcement in its blog. Picnik’s editing tools will still be available within Google+ images in the form of Creative Kit. But not all Picnik tools will […]

Why Twitter Has Problems with Google’s New Personalized Search?

Yesterday, I wrote about Google introducing ‘search plus your world’ which is basically a toggle for looking up personalized search results and normal search results. The problem is that, personalized search results only show up Google+ related links at the moment. Another possible issue with Google’s new tweak to search, is that personalized results show […]

YouTube’s New Design is Available!

Redesign of YouTube was probably a tough nut to crack for the folks at Google, as it was playing around with a very popular layout. The new layout was available thanks to a hack but starting today it will be available for all users. Thankfully YouTube does not mirror other Google products and the distinct identity […]

Adobe Loves Apple: To Discontinue Flash Support for Mobile Platforms

Adobe has decided that it cannot sit out of the Apple party and according to ZdNet  will discontinue Flash support on mobile platforms. Adobe briefed its partners about moving away from Flash for mobile phone OS with this quote. We will no longer adapt Flash Player for mobile devices to new browser, OS version or device configurations. […]

Google Reader Gets Revamped to Mixed Response!

Being an avid user of Google Reader, I’ve been waiting for the interface revamp which other Google services like Docs, Translate etc. got long ago. This morning Google Reader started rolling out their new interface and also integrating with Google+. That’s how Reader looks, now. You can see they have made the interface very clear […]

Chrome Web Store Gets New Design to Improve User Experience

Being a Chrome junkie, I often check new apps and extensions at the Chrome Web store. Like everyday, I checked Chrome Webstore today and what I’ve noticed is, it has got a clean redesign, probably built heavily on HTML5 (as web store does not have to support older browsers). 🙂 The homepage now features best […]

Mobile Friendly SlideShare Adopts HTML5

There’s a lot of buzz on HTML5 these days, especially because all the modern browsers and mobile devices support it, and you don’t need a plugin installed for it, unlike Flash. SlideShare, world’s biggest platform to make, view and discover presentations goes HTML5, apart from presentations, it also supports PDFs, documents, videos and more, making it a perfect place […]

Creator of C and UNIX, Dennis Ritchie Passes Away!

  Anyone who has read a book on C programming language, has probably come across the name Dennis Ritchie, in the first introductory chapters. Dennis Ritchie passed away after a long illness. He was 70 years old. Dennis Ritchie, created C Language. He worked with AT&T Bell Labs in the early development part of the […]