BlackBerry Service status; regionwise worldwide update

BBM DownRIM just made an official information about BlackBerry services. According to them the services are up for most of the regions except few carriers and inter-continent messages are still down. But this official information seems fake and services for me (specially BBM) are still down. Let’s have a look at what they have said.

BlackBerry Service update:

Europe, Middle East, India and Africa:

E-Mail services are back and users are getting E-Mails without any delay. However I’m still experiencing some delays and getting some E-Mails from my inbox not all of them. Officially BBM is up but I still can’t send BBM to others even in the same country so the service is officially up and technically down. Internet Browsing is temporarily not available.

Canada and Latin America:

E-Mails, BBMs and Browsing are working fine but BBM and Browsing is currently unavailable for some carriers.


E-Mails, BBMs and Browsing all are working fine. They are continuously working to remove any backlogged messages.

Service for some regions is working fine now but users are still facing some difficulties and users still can’t send messages from one region to another. But this official info definitely made some relief to frustated and BBM addicted BlackBerry users. Stay connected for more updates.

Also don’t forget to give us BBM service updates in your region. Drop a comment below with your BB Pin. 😉

(via RIM)