10 new iOS 5 Features and Compatibility

iOS 5 updateFinally Apple launched it’s much awaited Operating System that is iOS 5 for its devices like iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone. Millions of people have downloaded or currently downloading it but most of them don’t know about the new features they are going to get with this new OS. Let’s have a look at some major changes and new features we’ll get in our devices with this new OS.


  1. Notification Center: This is to get all your updates like new messages, reminders, Facebook or Twitter updates, E-Mails e.t.c on a single page. This is just like Notifications tab on Facebook. A new notification appears on your device screen for a second or two and disappears immediately.You can click on a notification to go to that update or page.
  2. iMessage: An integrated version of BlackBerry Messenger (BBM) and Whatsapp. You will be able to send unlimited messages, pictures, videos, locations or even contacts to other Apple iOS 5 users.
  3. Newsstand: A place where you can manage all your subscribed magazines and newspapers. You can also visit newsstand to subscribe new magazines or papers from different publishers.
  4. Reminders: A small thing with a huge update. You can completely add your to-do list to your reminder even with a location to it. Reminder will automatically remind you that you have to do this particular work in that area.
  5. Twitter: Twitter is now a part of Apple’s new Operating System. All you have to do is sign in once and start sharing stuff like photos, videos or location with maps.
  6. Camera: Some new features like pinch to zoom, new button on lock screen and press Vol+ button to capture.
  7. Photos: More photoshopping options like Cropping, Rotating or even removing Red-Eye in your pictures.
  8. Safari: New Reading List and Tabbed Browsing like we have in Firefox. Also you can tap to read an article without ads like obstructions.
  9. PC Free: Devices with iOS 5 will be PC free. You can install all your updates wirelessly without connecting to iTunes on a PC. You can backup your device using iCloud.
  10. New Features: Some other features are better Mailbox, Calender, Game Center, and Wi-Fi syncing.


iOS 5 is compatible with following devices:

  • iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S
  • iPad, iPad 2
  • iPod Touch 3rd generation, iPod Touch 4th generation.

You will get many more features with this new Operating System except the major one that is available in iPhone 4S i.e. Siri; the voice control software that will do most of your tasks on the basis of voice commands given by you. But this iOS 5 is definitely gonna make your phone new. Don’t forget to share your views if you’re done with installation.

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Coders Guide October 14, 2011

Nice features.. looks like apple has updated so much for the new iOS 5..