BlackBerry’s BBM comedy shows how not to launch an app

BlackBerry's BBM messenger app was to be released on 21st September was delayed because an unofficial version made it to Google Play. The new release date has still not been announced.

BlackBerry has simply been having its worst year in its history. It has been totally sidelined as a major mobile phone manufacturer and its latest Z10 and Q10 handsets have more or less flopped. Last week, it decided to get a part of that BlackBerry experience onto Android and iOS platforms. This was done by announcing the BBM app for iPhone and Android. The announcement was done in an official blog post on 18th September. The BBM app for Android was to be made available on 21nd September and the iPhone app was to be released on 22nd September.

BBM for All

So far so good but the comedy of errors was about to start. Before the official Android app for BBM was posted online, an unofficial one got uploaded. The unofficial app was downloaded and over 1.1 million users went live inside 8 hours. That led to issues for BlackBerry which they apparently tried to fix but in the end had to roll back the global launch of the app.

The offending unofficially released BlackBerry app for Android was pulled and users who had downloaded it saw that the service was blocked. The few iPhone users who had downloaded the app could use it but app was pulled from the App Store too.

So when is BBM for Android and iPhone available?

BlackBerry is a update post had mentioned that they were planning a staggered roll-out on Android and re-releasing the app on Apple App store. This update was made on the 21st September itself. A couple of day went by and BBM app was still nowhere to be seen. That is when BlackBerry’s BBM chief Andrew Bocking updated in another blog post, that not only were they pulling the app but users should not expect the app to show up for another week. Strangely a new release date is still not announced!

The doomed BlackBerry!

BlackBerry could not compete with the likes of Apple and Google in the mobile phone space. The new BBM app for Android and iPhone would have made them competitors to WhatsApp and WeChat and other similar messaging apps. But wait, even here BlackBerry will hardly compete as most users will simply not give its app a second chance (whenever it gets actually released).

If you are still interested in downloading BlackBerry app on your iPhone or Android visit the link below and enter your email address to get updated on when the app goes live!

Link: BBM for All


Sagar Rai September 25, 2013

Hey Adi,

Yes you are right. Nowadays People seeking for the best and easily accessible messaging service, but additionally they want subsidiary offerings, whether it is for games, shopping or sharing platform. But Blackberry is not providing secondary offerings when compare to Android and IOS.

Aditya Kane September 25, 2013

Well forget subsidiary offerings, at this moment – they are not even offering the basic app for Android and iOS 🙂

Sagar Rai September 25, 2013

Absolutely correct. The BBM internet plan 399 INR is the one to get some fun on your BB otherwise it is just a piece of shit, use for nothing 🙂

Prateek Bansal September 27, 2013

Blackberry is sold for around 4.7 billion $ and it was estimated as a 100 billion dollar company. If you are not innovating then you are certainly going to end up like Blackberry !!!