How To Block Automatic Quora Login Popup

Recently, I came across a link to a Quora discussion by a friend on Facebook. Quora can be a real treasure trove of information on subjects that can vary from mythological stories to quantum physics.

But recently, they have introduced a very irritating login pop-up. The popup is probably aimed at getting first time visitors to register and even contribute to the site. For regular Quora visitors like me, it can get very irritating to see the screen fade out with a login popup showing up.

Quora's Login Popup

The pop-up will not show up on that tab if the page is refreshed. So the pop-up is not exactly restrictive but still a bit of an irritant.

Until Quora stops this seemingly desperate attempt at trying to compel more people to sign-up and register before checking out public content on its website, I guess the pop-up is not going away. Thankfully there are ways to make sure that regular Quora users do not come across the login pop-up.

How it works:

  • If you are using Chrome as your primary browser, then download the Block Quora Login Popup Chrome extension.
  • The extension will now block the login pop-up on Quora, making it easier to read content straight away and then maybe decide to sign-in.
  • I think Quora uses cookies to track the page views and hence once you are past the first pop-up, usually you will not see it on the same tab.

Bonus Tip:

The pop-up usually does not show up in Incognito Mode for Chrome either. You might like checking out my post about Incognito This, where you can set a rule to open all URLs from to open in incognito mode. This would also get rid of the login pop-up.

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Link: Block Quora Login Popup