Set specific websites to automatically open in Chrome’s Incognito Mode

Chrome users have a useful feature on the browser called Incognito Mode. It basically disallows information on the webpages you visit from being stored on the browser. It also deletes all new cookies after the incognito mode is closed.

This is useful for looking up websites without the need to clear caches all the time. But usually we need incognito mode only for certain websites.

Incognito This is a nice little Chrome extension that allows users to open a specified webpage directly in incognito mode. For instance whenever I type in ‘’ in the address bar, I can set the page to open in incognito mode automatically

How it works!

  • Download the extension on your Chrome browser (the link is at the end of the post).
  • Once the extension is installed on your browser a incognito mode icon appears next to the browser omni bar (address bar).
  • Right-click on the icon and look up the options. In Options or the preferences of the extension, we can add a URL that is set to automatically open in incognito mode as seen in the image below.

Incognito This Chrome Extension - Options

  • Additionally we can visit any webpage and click on the extension’s icon and it opens the page in incognito mode.

Try out incognito this and drop in your comments.

Link: Incognito This

One Comment

Piyush Shrivastava August 22, 2012

BRILLIANT! Very useful tip. Thanks.