Blogger$ of the Month temporarily goes away

Its been 7 months since we started Blogger of the Month contest as an initiative to provide a mature blogging platform to young and newbie bloggers. Time and again we came up with few changes in the contest format to increase the quality of the competition. Thus far we have succeeded to achieve the objective of Community Blogging through this contest.

temporarily closed

But in the past couple of months there have been  alot of incidents of copy pasting from guest authors. It was hurtful for our editors to ban these guest authors completely from our network. This in-turn increased alot of workload on the editors and on me too 🙁

Now since Devils Workshop is undergoing the process of complete makeover, we thought this would be a good time to get a new and mature format for the Blogger$ of the month contest. So we are pausing the contest for the next few months.

When the contest starts again?

For the next couple of months we will have alot of brainstorming with the data and statistics that we have so far. The idea would be to have an format which should be more apt and relative to previous results of the contest.

Hopefully we will come up with the format which meets all our expectations and start the contest in next couple of months.  😀

Please send in any suggestions or feedbacks for the contest via comments, as it would be very helpful to determine the contest’s future.

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PS : There are few posts which are submitted for  review by the guest authors before publishing this post . These posts will be included in the ratings of December 2009 contest.

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Quakeboy January 6, 2010

I wish you guys make something completely community driven and stable like !