Now win $150 for “Blogger$ of the Month” Awards!!

I am pleased to announce that “Blogger of the Month” is now “Blogger$ of the Month” The cash prize would be now of $150!!!


Why Blogger$ of the Month?

Well we at Devils Workshop conceived the idea of ‘Blogger of the Month’ few months back to promote the guest authors. The primary goal was to encourage new bloggers to write, and secondly to bring them appreciation in terms of exposure and revenue. We promised to increase the cash prize and it’s distribution too. “Bloggers of the Month” is an exertion to keep that promise.

What’s in Store for you?

Now we will select best 3 amongst the guest authors instead of 1 previously. The breakdown will be $75, $50 and $25 to the first three guest authors in the ratings table respectively. The ratings again will be given by our Editors which will again be based on..

  • English – be generous to run spell-check atleast. Use windows live editor for blogging. 😉
  • Presentation – Use headers like h2/h3 to highlight sections of your articles. Add screenshots wherever possible! Break posts in small paragraphs. Things like this will be considered.
  • Ethics – Spend some-time on linking back to other sources you may use in post. Do not excessively promote anything particularly. We hate links that open in new tab or window. Do not force or irritate visitors!
  • Tools – Use blogging tools that generate nice markups and respect web-standards. We recommend using online wordpress post editor or windows live editor. Never use Microsoft word!

Important thing to consider is to write quality article! Spend time on writing good quality and original article. Refrain from copy paste. Include link and image credits if applicable.

What about posts published till now in November?

The contest will include the ratings given to posts published from November 1st, till date! 🙂

Where to Post?

I will re-mention this point that the Bloggers of the Month is applicable to all the blogs across rtBlogs Network, which includes:

It means that you can write for any of the blogs mentioned above, whichever interests you. Every post by you will be rated.

Keep reading..Keep writing 😀

PS: New to Devils Workshop !!! Register here.


Rajeel November 12, 2009


The new Concept is really great.I hopes that this will help to attract more bloggers to your blog, as @nd and 3rd also gets rewarded.

All my support for the ‘Blogger$ of the month’

Cheers 🙂

alok November 12, 2009

Good move rather a much calculated move from rTCamp

Rahul November 12, 2009

This is nice appreciation award for guest bloggers.

Deepak Jain November 13, 2009

Hard word always pays off! Don’t worry 😉

sauravjit November 13, 2009

Yeah, I was just kidding 🙂

S.Pradeep Kumar November 14, 2009

This is really great.. now I’m going to be a part of it.. hoping for the best.. 😉

jaswanth November 22, 2009

Hey its nice..!

i want to be a part of it 😉