Bluestacks App Player brings Android apps to Mac

Bluestacks App player releases for Mac, lets users install and use over 7,50,000 Android apps, trying to bridge gap between smartphone and desktop.

Around an year back, Bluestacks App player was released for Windows, letting users sync and use Android apps. It quickly got popular among Windows users and now they got the beta version of app for OS X.


The OS X version does pretty much everything you’d expect, which includes Cloud Connect letting you sync your Android with Mac. You have access to the gigantic library of over 7,50,000 Android apps from different app stores of Android.

It works as a standalone app and stays in menu bar – so even if you close the window, it runs in background.

I have tried a few reading apps like Flipboard and Pulse, and interestingly, you can set the resolution you like, in settings.

Mobile-only apps like WhatsApp (you can finally send WhatsApp texts from desktop) work well.

Many popular games are optimised, so they should do fine even with a keyboard, Bluestacks seem to have worked closely with developers for this.

A big set back about this app is that, it’s very slow – even on my 6-month old Macbook Pro. I had the same experience with the Windows version. This is something the developers should look into.

Try out Bluestacks and tell us what you think.

Link: Bluestacks

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Ashu January 5, 2013

bluestacks is a great thing, now i can enjoy android on my PC… thanks for sharing this information..