Bugs in Facebook for BlackBerry v2.0

Few weeks back Research in Motion (RIM) launched new version of its Facebook for BlackBerry® that is v2.0. We saw lots of new features in this new version specially integrated Facebook Chat. Some other new features were like it enable users to like comments, posts and see who liked their posts. But another new thing we saw in this latest version is lots of bugs and lack of ease of accessibility. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Lack of connectivity: Even when I am using EDGE network with full signal, the application fails to connect. The error it gives is “We cannot reach the Facebook server at this time. Please try again later. (100)“. This thing wasn’t there in the older version.

  • Facebook Chat: Facebook chat was a much awaited feature and finally RIM launched it in v2.0 but with two main bugs. One is that sometimes you can’t go online to chat. The other one is that once you go online, you can’t go offline. Even if you click offline people can still see you online if they are online from a PC.
  • Receiving Notifications: Sometimes when you receive a notification on Facebook, Facebook for BlackBerry application don’t show it and it’s automatically marked as read on your Facebook account. That means you can’t even see that notification as an alert on PC.
  • No E-Mail notifications: Whenever you install Facebook for BlackBerry®, Facebook automatically stops sending you notifications as an E-Mail. You have to go back to your account settings and change it so that you can start receiving it again.
  • Unable to find location: Sometimes when you Check-In at a place from your BlackBerry®, it says that it’s not able to find your location. This happens rarely but still it’s a bug.

Please add a point if I missed something. Also share your views about Facebook for BlackBerry®, iPhone and android. 🙂

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