Buy One BlackBerry Handset and Get One Free!

blackberry storm After reading the title of this post, you must be surely thinking that the author of this post has gone crazy! Though I haven’t yet, but I am sure this offer by Verizon mobile is going to make me crazy for sure. ;) This hard to believe offer (Buy one get one free) is a reality and has been introduced by the famous wireless network – Verizon.

You will be shocked to know that, this offer is not only for the old out dated models of blackberry, but also for the recently released Blackberry storm that’s creating a lot of hype among mobile phone users across the world. If you are excited to know the exact pricing and other details, including the terms and conditions of this offer, then head over to this page by the Boy Genius reports.

[Via Boy Genius Reports]

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7 replies on “Buy One BlackBerry Handset and Get One Free!”

  1. I am not a fan of Blackberry, but it’s like a pre-valentine day gift to all those blackberry lovers. Keep one with you and gift the free set to your loved ones. But don’t reveal that you got that for free 😉 😛

  2. @ Gaurish : This offer comes with their postpaid plan. You have to pay for two years subscription in advance for both handsets. Which means Your Monthly Plan x 24 x 2. That will be a big amount, but nothing insane. And yup, this offer is not valid in India, as Verizon has not expanded it’s network to India, yet!

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