How Much is Your Twitter Profile Worth? [Funny]

tweet valud Don’t know why, but Sundays just make me keep tinkering around funny things. If you remember, last Sunday I posted a very funny post – Become World’s Greatest Business Mind and this time I have some funny things for Twitter users. 😉

This morning I stumbled over a site that says, how much worth a twitter profile is of? When you open the site  TweetValue, it’ll ask you a twitter ID that you want to evaluate worth of, and then immediately it responds with some bucks. 😉 It actually evaluates your tweet value by the amount of tweets you have made from the specified twitter ID. As its just a funny thing, you won’t get paid the amount according to your tweet value. 😉

tweetvalue As you can view in the image above, my twitter value is worth $102, what about yours?

Link: TweetValue

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Simran February 8, 2009

My Twitter profile is worth $110

Solid Blogger February 9, 2009

Mine is just $1 😛
I guess it calculates different factors like the update rate, followers, no of updates etc. And I stay far behind as I am not into twitter that much. *embarrassed*

T April 23, 2009

Mine is worth $153. follow me @lolatcats

Also there is a website called that gives you a chance to make money by changing your twitter background into an ad. I am currently asking for $7 for 1 week, which is actually pretty low compared to what some advertisers are paying. Right now I am just experimenting with it, but I’m sure if you had a couple thousand followers you could get about $100/week.

Malhar Parve @ MyTFace January 7, 2010

My Twitter profile is worth: $1380. Follow me @tmalhar