Simplest way to Buy or Upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 8 in India [Online]

Simplest method to buy or upgrade your laptop to Microsoft’s Windows 8 in India only via online. The price for Windows 8 Pro is INR 1,999/- and upgrade for recent laptops is INR 699/-.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is available around the world for people to either buy or upgrade. Most new computers manufacturers over the next few months will start offering Windows 8 on their devices. Windows 8 is priced reasonably and it is affordable for many. This should ideally reduce the amount of piracy of Windows 8 OS.

At this moment we can either purchase Windows 8 pro or upgrade a recently bought computer to Windows 8 but with a discount. Both can be done online.

Purchasing Windows 8 Pro in India


I decided to check how to go about upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 and how to go about doing that online. Windows 8 pro can be purchased online for Rs. 1,999/-.

Visit this link and download the file. The initial file is only 5 mb size and allow it to run after its downloaded. The file will check if your computer is compatible from hardware and software point of view. The purchase supports using a credit card or Paypal  I am not sure if PayPal would work for Indian buyers.

Link: Buy Windows 8 Pro

Upgrading to recently bought Laptop to Windows 8 Pro


This applies only to people who have bought their laptops after the 2nd of June 2012. The upgrade on such laptops is available for Rs. 699/-.

Users need to register their laptops at this link. Microsoft will send across an email with your promo code and details on how to download and purchase Windows 8 Pro.

Link: Windows Pro Upgrade Offer

Hope this helps your upgrade to Windows 8 in India. At the moment I am unaware of any online retailer selling Windows 8 Pro in DVD.

Do drop in your experiences and views on Windows 8.

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Well, this is a great news for Indians. Yesterday, I purchased a PC and learned that Microsoft is strict about software piracy in India. This is the reason they have a very competitive price this time around.

Indians can use Paypal, as long as they have a credit card for payment. But great news though. The best part is that if you buy a new laptop, you can go for a DOS version and take your copy of the old laptop, with the latest Windows along with you.

Online windows 8 is available in Amazon only. Not yet released in India. But we can apply for a DVD along with the digital copy for Rs.1100(-) in addition to Rs.1999.

@Jac: Windows 8 is available in India and the links in this post are India – specific from Microsoft itself. I think no online DVD sales are happening in India at the moment, though that too will change with official launch in India that happened on 28th October.

I have a pirated windows 7 and can i upgrade ?? i want to upgrade but i think that upgrade Assistant will send data about piracy.. what should i do??

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