Simplest way to Buy or Upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows 8 in India [Online]

Simplest method to buy or upgrade your laptop to Microsoft's Windows 8 in India only via online. The price for Windows 8 Pro is INR 1,999/- and upgrade for recent laptops is INR 699/-.

Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system is available around the world for people to either buy or upgrade. Most new computers manufacturers over the next few months will start offering Windows 8 on their devices. Windows 8 is priced reasonably and it is affordable for many. This should ideally reduce the amount of piracy of Windows 8 OS.

At this moment we can either purchase Windows 8 pro or upgrade a recently bought computer to Windows 8 but with a discount. Both can be done online.

Purchasing Windows 8 Pro in India

I decided to check how to go about upgrading my laptop to Windows 8 and how to go about doing that online. Windows 8 pro can be purchased online for Rs. 1,999/-.

Visit this link and download the file. The initial file is only 5 mb size and allow it to run after its downloaded. The file will check if your computer is compatible from hardware and software point of view. The purchase supports using a credit card or Paypal  I am not sure if PayPal would work for Indian buyers.

Link: Buy Windows 8 Pro

Upgrading to recently bought Laptop to Windows 8 Pro

This applies only to people who have bought their laptops after the 2nd of June 2012. The upgrade on such laptops is available for Rs. 699/-.

Users need to register their laptops at this link. Microsoft will send across an email with your promo code and details on how to download and purchase Windows 8 Pro.

Link: Windows Pro Upgrade Offer

Hope this helps your upgrade to Windows 8 in India. At the moment I am unaware of any online retailer selling Windows 8 Pro in DVD.

Do drop in your experiences and views on Windows 8.


Geniusgeeks October 26, 2012

Well, this is a great news for Indians. Yesterday, I purchased a PC and learned that Microsoft is strict about software piracy in India. This is the reason they have a very competitive price this time around.

Aditya Kane October 26, 2012

@Ricky: I know. Software Piracy should not be encouraged anyways. In India or anywhere else.

Ankit October 26, 2012

Thanks fro the share 😉

Balakrishnan B October 27, 2012

from the thumbnail Ithought it was nexus 7

Hector October 27, 2012

Indians can use Paypal, as long as they have a credit card for payment. But great news though. The best part is that if you buy a new laptop, you can go for a DOS version and take your copy of the old laptop, with the latest Windows along with you.

jac October 30, 2012

Online windows 8 is available in Amazon only. Not yet released in India. But we can apply for a DVD along with the digital copy for Rs.1100(-) in addition to Rs.1999.

Aditya Kane October 31, 2012

@Jac: Windows 8 is available in India and the links in this post are India – specific from Microsoft itself. I think no online DVD sales are happening in India at the moment, though that too will change with official launch in India that happened on 28th October.

vinod bachwani November 10, 2012

I have a pirated windows 7 and can i upgrade ?? i want to upgrade but i think that upgrade Assistant will send data about piracy.. what should i do??

Aditya Kane November 11, 2012

@Vinod: I belive Windows 8 upgrade should work.

Robin Richard November 17, 2012

Windows 8 Pro DVD is available for purchase from They provide cash on delivery, so it’ll be useful for ppl like me who don’t have a credit card to purchase software legally. Price is Rs 3499 for the key and DVD. Here’s the link:

Aditya Kane November 19, 2012

@Robin: I think that DVD is for fresh install and not just upgrade. BTW a debit card should work too as long as it is issued on Mastercard or Visa.

subodh January 23, 2013

can i install windows 8 in my laptop which is dos based