Get List of All Windows 8 Laptops / Tablets recommended by Microsoft

Yesterday I wrote a post on how to go about upgrading your laptop or PC to Windows 8. But that one was for people who already owned a computer and not for new buyers. There are many manufacturers who have already made Windows 8 laptops and tablets.

Keeping track of all the different devices running Windows 8 might seem like a difficult task but thankfully Microsoft has an official list. Just visit the Windows 8 Tablets & Convertibles or Windows 8 Laptops pages to get a list of all Windows 8 devices.

The price, specs and availability of all the devices on Windows 8 is made available. 😉

Use PC Selector to find suitable Windows 8 laptops and tablets:

Along with list of all devices, Microsoft also has a handy online tool called PC Selector for users to device on what PC or Tablet will be best suitable for them. This one is mainly devised for people who are do not understand technical terms.

Users need to answer questions based on how much they use a computer and what exactly they use it for along with their desired budget. Based on that information the website suggests users the best Windows 8 PCs or tablets.

Are you planning to buy a new Windows 8 laptop or tablet? Do drop in which one you are planning to and why in your comments.

Link: PC Selector | Windows 8 Laptops | Windows 8 Tablets

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