Bypass download time limit on popular filesharing sites with Skipscreen

Popular filesharing sites like Rapidshare, 4shared, Mediafire, Mihd, etc., force free users to wait for  few seconds to several minutes depending on file size on download pages. This is basically to benefit from ads shown by gaining a few clicks. While it is essential to keep their servers running, free users find it a bit of a nuisance to wait till the countdown is over. Again, if you wait  too long, the link expires.

To bypass this countdown timer, a wonderful firefox addon is out by the name of skipscreen.


SkipScreen skips unwanted pages on popular filesharing sites like:











Above is the official list on Skipscreen Site. To bypass timelimit on 4shared install  auto download script from Crimechamber.

Free users will now find rapidshare more fun. Just open the url on multiple tabs and sleep. Skipscreen works for you.

Install addon from here

If you have problems installing the addon or have issues with functioning, please report, we will take this to the attention of Skipscreen Admins.

Links: Crimechamber | Userscripts | Mozilla

[Editor’s Note: This post is submitted by our guest blogger Srinivas Rajkumar. Srinivas is a a medical student, a Blogger and a Web-addicted Linux user from Cape Comorin. He blogs at Crimechamber that mainly covers the topic of  medicine, and also deals with technology related posts from time to time.

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