[Canary] Google Wants Feedback to Make Chrome Better for Mac

Google’s Chrome is certainly, the browser with momentum in the past year or so. Firefox 4 and Internet Explorer 9 have not really dented Chrome’s growth. Chrome is available across Windows, Linux and Mac platforms.


Google usually updates from beta to stable version quite often. But a lot of new and experimental features are brought out in the Canary version. This version runs parallel to your Chrome browser, which means even if the Canary version crashes your Chrome browser does not. To make a long story short they run like two independent browsers.

Google Chrome’s small but active community which uses Canary version, gives a lot of feedback for improvements when it comes to the browser. These improvements then end up being integrated into the stable versions of Chrome.

Now Mac user will also be able to use a Canary version for Chrome. The difference between Canary and Stable versions of the Chrome browser are shown by the usual colourful Chrome logo and the Canary logo being golden-yellow.

Download Chrome Canary Version

If you are on Windows platform or Mac, just head over to the Chrome Canary landing page and download the browser.

The Chrome canary version can also be personalized by using the Sync this account button under Personal Stuff in Chrome options.

This way apps, extensions and bookmarks can be synced on both versions of the browser on your computer.

A note of caution, the Canary version is unstable and not meant to be a replacement to the stable version.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Chrome Canary for Mac


Can Ersöz May 8, 2011

yes it will be good for mac users. thanks.

Peter May 13, 2011

Upgraded to Canary today. Only comment is that it did not bring across my settings, bookmarks or cookies … but it did offer to import those from an old IE8 configuration somewhere.

Can’t say I’ve noticed it being any faster than the older version of Chrome I was running, but then blindingly fast doesn’t get much faster anyway.

Aditya Kane May 13, 2011

If you were using Chrome before, you old browser should work side by side to Canary. Canary works like a seperate browser. Simplest way is to sync your account with bookmarks, extensions with your gmail id on both versions and you can find all your settings on both accounts.