Osama Bin Laden’s Death Video is the Newest Scam on Facebook

We have often covered in the past, scams on Facebook. This is usually something that look’s interesting but in reality when you click, find that everyone in your friend list has had the scam link posted on their wall with your name on it.

Osama Bin Laden was killed yesterday, and he surely is getting a lot of attention from Facebook spammers.

There are two spam links, I have come across up till now.

First one suggests that it is linked to Osama’s death video.


The picture in the link is quite gory and hence I have blurred it. The image is actually fake and there is not censored video available.


Another such scam suggests a link to click on for looking up Osama Bin Laden execution video. This one too is fake.

I really wish Facebook really figures out a way to control the spam that is getting posting all the time. Recently, I seem to spend more time deleting spam than pressing the link or share button.


Vibin May 4, 2011

Fortunately, bit.ly is warning the users when they click on scam links shortened using it. That would considerably decrease the victims.

Aditya Kane May 9, 2011

that is fortunate but with FB and Twitter it is getting increasingly easy to spread malicious links.