Use popular mobile to-do planner AnyDO on web

AnyDo the popular mobile app for managing tasks and creating to-do lists now can be used on the web on a browser.

One thing that AnyDo ( gets right is that it simplifies planning your day. Any.DO did something rare, which was start from Android and then move to iOS. The simply idea of creating these to-do lists was ability to allot tasks and organize them according to time sensitive folders like Today, Tomorrow, Someday etc or even type sensitive folders like Work, Home etc.

It has a nice Chrome extension that works well with Gmail tasks on the browser. But one thing missing was the option of using it on the web. A couple of days ago AnyDo has finally made a web app available.

AnyDO web app
Using through its website

The style and format of the web app for Any.Do remains more or less consistent with the mobile apps.

Personally I have always liked Any.Do for its simplicity. But that is just a first impression. It has a lot of small tweaks that can help you plan your week and day. It also has a Cal app on the phone, though that does not seem to have a web app as yet. I have used Any.Do but tended not to use it as much as I could not use it just on a website. So this new feature will probably have using it more than before.

Try out the new app at and see for yourself.

Link: AnyDo apps

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Jayashree May 30, 2014

I agree with you, this is the first app that I use every morning to schedule my tasks and the work flow is so good . I also use their other app Cal the calendar app and both are great apps. Thanks for sharing