Chat on Orkut without a Gmail Account

orkut chatMost of you must have noticed that Google Talk was not available for chatting on Orkut for people who did not have a Gmail account. Thankfully, this will not be a hindrance for Orkut users any more.

Now, Google’s chat feature is being enabled for all Orkut users, irrespective of whether they have a Gmail ID or not. You will be able to use your existing email address as your user name and chat on the Google Talk network without any hassles.

This is still work in progress, so if you do not see this feature enabled for you yet, give it a few more days, it must be on its way into your account, for sure.  🙂

As a security measure, you will be required to do a simple email verification in order to use this feature.

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(Source: google.talkabout)

(Image Credits: google.talkabout)

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vaishali khariwal July 27, 2010

how could i chat on the orkut with