PrivyTalks – Encrypted Anonymous Chatting Online

(Disclosure: This is Sponsored Review.) Privacy is a big deal on the web, especially in recent times when social networks makes finding individuals very easy. Anonymity and encryption are two vital way to maintain your privacy. Also there are many instances when we want to not share our Gmail or Skype ID but use something […]

All about deleting messages from your Facebook inbox

Most of the time people ask questions about Facebook messages like how to delete a particular message from a conversation or what happens when we delete a particular message from that conversation, will it be deleted from the receiver’s inbox as well? This post will give answers to all your queries. 1. What’s the difference […]

New Facebook Chat interface

Facebook is doing some minor changes with its User Interface (UI) and this time it is the friend’s list for chatting. Yes they are continuously modifying their design and the main reason behind this is not to make Facebook look better, it’s just to reduce the disk space usage on their servers and to make […]

YoStranger Lets You Perform Video Chat and Make New Friends Online

YoStranger is a video chatting sites on which you can chat with random people and make new friends. It requires signup process therefore we can’t say it an anonymous chat site. You can sign in with your Gmail, Facebook, Twitter or Open ID account. After signing in it asks you to create a user-name and giving an […]

Top 6 Websites to make free International calls

International callling is now made easy due to rapid development in Networking over the past years. Many Organizations regardless they are Small or Large have been offering these services. Due to raise in competition among these companies, now to survive some organizations are providing the free International calling services. Calling is divided into 2 categories. PC-PC […]