Chatology makes iMessage more tolerable, lets you search messages easily

I love how Apple baked IM functionality into iPhone’s Messages app instead of building a separate iMessage app. This is something I look forward in Google’s Hangouts. iMessage is a pretty good service by Apple, except that it just doesn’t work. It’s almost the most annoying thing, both on OS X and iOS, for many reasons.

To start off, server down times for iMessage have been very frequent. Adding to that, there are times when your messages would be delivered a little late to your recipient. The worst thing though, is searching through messages. Most of the times, the chat balloons get misplaced and overlooked. The app even gets freezed for no reason.

Flexibits, the company which made Fantastical, a popular Calendar app for OS X and iPhone – has now released Chatology, a better way to search your chat logs.

Chatology for Mac

The interface is pretty self explanatory. You’ll see a three pane layout, showing messages sorted by time. You can choose the time period. If you’re specifically looking for images/links in a chat log, you can filter that way using options in the third pane. Search works fine, and the results are highlighted with the search term. It’s also much snappier compared to searching on Messages for Mac.

Chatology is a paid app, costing 20$. That’s probably a bit too much for an app which ‘fixes’ things, but if you use iMessage at work, exchanging reference material with your co-workers, then it perfectly makes sense to get this app.

You can give the app a try for 14 days. Hit the link below to download it (it won’t be available in Mac Appstore).

Link: Chatology for Mac