Check availability of bulk domains in a single click

Choosing the appropriate domain name before starting a blog or website is damn tiring. Registering a new domain, would surely create chaos on your mind. Choosing an appropriate extension like .com, .net, .org is another headache. Even after choosing an appropriate extension for your domain you’ll have to tinker whether those domains are available or not. And the whole process is time consuming too. So, today I have a list of few websites where in you can check the availability of bulk domains, all what it takes is just a single mouse click. 🙂 Though the use of these websites looks quite silly, it may really be useful while registering a new domain.

Just make a list of your preferred domains and enter all of them on the websites listed below.
Now this bulk domain checker will check out whether your preferred domains are available or not, that to with with multiple extensions.

So, here are those 2 website :

The former one is preferred over the later, because it has an option to check with a large number of extensions.
So, the next time you are going to register a new domain, just do not forget to use the above service.

Links: Dynadot | Database Power



Sriganesh November 10, 2008

I use a software called “Domain Inspect”
It works fine for me… Except it is a shareware version…
You can download it here…

Rahul Bansal November 25, 2008

Thanks for sharing buddy…. 🙂

Mike July 18, 2009

I just use godaddy bulk domain register, it will check automatically if the domain is available or not.