[Chrome] Export your favourite Chrome extensions as BBCode, HTML or Wiki

Share Extension is a very good extension for Chrome browser. With this extension we can share the extensions in Chrome Browser. It allow you to share BBcode , Html code , Wiki, Text  for any of the extension you have installed on the Chrome. 🙂

Features of the Share Extension:

  • This Extension will allow you to share the BBcodes and HTML tags in Chrome using your Gmail ID.
  • You can use the small Wiki and text sharing functionality to share the chosen extension of your Chrome browser over your blog.
  • There is option to use one or more extension, and you can reverse the selection too.
  • It also allows sharing over the Twitter, Google Buzz, Google Bookmarks.
  • The interface is similar to the default extension page that opens in Chrome. 🙂

If you are looking to share BBCode, HTML and Wiki then try out Share Extension on Chrome. Do drop in your comments.

Link: Share Extension