[Online Tool] Get Suggestions from Google to Improve Page Speed

The loading speed of a web page is a very important parameter for any webmaster. The point is a website should look have a great and simple design along with a lot of interactive options.

Google_page_speed_labsSometimes the amount of coding done a theme for a site does affect it’s loading time. Google as you know, ranks some sites higher than others because loading speed is also plays a part in page ranks.

Use Google’s Page Speed online tool which carries out an analysis of page speed and also gives detailed advice.

Page Speed Features


  • Just enter any URL for which you want a report to be created.
  • Click on “Analyze Performance” and get details of your websites rating as far as Page Speed is concerned.
  • It also gives advice on improvements to your website which will help page to load up faster.

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Link: Page Speed Online


Tech Crates April 4, 2011

Great tool… my page’s speed is 85/100

Aditya Kane April 4, 2011

Thats a great tool. Just a point which is not related to the post, try using your real name or nickname for commenting and site link in URL field. We do not like website/blog names for comments. Thanks. 🙂

Anjali Kapur April 5, 2011

my website speed is going slow & also giving fatal error of memory allocation size, my webhost said that there is a script on my site which is not going to end when my website atarts.. pz help

Aditya Kane April 5, 2011

try cleaning up your theme. In case you are using wordpress, try disabling all plugins and enable them one by one to get if one of the plugins is slowing things down.

Mohit May 5, 2012

Awesome tool my page speed is 93/100 and mobile page speed is 86/100. cheers to you for sharing this fantastic tool. Working out to get the 100% on both scenarios.