Chrome Extension to Change the Background of your Facebook login Page.

I have always loved colors and when I saw that Facebook’s login background can be changed I was so excited. I thought of sharing it with you all.

Facebook Refresh is a Google Chrome Extension that changes the background of your Facebook Login page. You can add any image there and enjoy. Follow these simple steps and you will be able to change it. Obviously you need to have a Google Chrome browser for it. 😛

How to change background of your Facebook login page?

Download Facebook Refresh Extension from here.


After downloading find extensions. You can type chrome://extensions/ in the URL space.

Click on Option there.

Now find any image that you wish to keep as background.

Copy the image URL and Save.

Now your new Facebook Login Page can look like this. 🙂

Wow, remember you need to copy an image from internet itself, you cannot use any image from your desktop. 🙁 The only bad thing it has. Rest this extension rocks!

Do you know any other way of doing so? Do share your views with me through comments below.

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