Get McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 FREE for 6 Months!

With the onset of the new year, retailers and manufacturers are trying to attract more consumers. One such awesome deal has been offered by an Online e-Commerce portal. It is offering a 6-months FREE subscription to the Plus 2011 version of the McAfee Antivirus software.

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About McAfee

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McAfee boasts of surpassing Norton and Kaspersky in terms of PC protection through its #1 technology to detect and defunct Viruses, Spyware and Malware. This is just not a statement and is even a proven fact. See McAfee official website for details.

Save Rs. 520!

McAfee Plus 2011 is available for Rs. 1040 in India and $49.99 in the US, for 1 year & 1 PC. With this offer, you are saving a total of Rs. 520 (in India). So what are you waiting for? Grab it immediately, the offer ends on 10th January, 2011 at midnight.

Link: Offer

5 replies on “Get McAfee Antivirus Plus 2011 FREE for 6 Months!”

  1. Nice share Ankit.

    Let me share with everyone reading this post,

    6 month licenses are more like an extended trial versions (which otherwise are of 30 days).

    Such licenses do not clean up all the viruses from a system. I have tried it and was highly disappointed by the results. Money wasted.

    I am now using a 1 year full license and very happy with it,

    Read all Terms & Conditions before buying 6 month licenses from any company.

    Hope this helps.

  2. This 6 months trial is not provided by McAfee, while the 30-days trial is provided directly by McAfee. So you are probably not going to be disappointed this time. πŸ™‚

  3. LoL.
    I too have bought 6 month licenses from different websites.

    I spent over Rs. 1500/- in trying 6 month licenses for different softwares including AntiVirus.

    I kind of liked the idea when first time I learnt about a 6 month license after winning one from DW blog post πŸ™‚

    But then I know its full of disappointment.
    Others should decide on their own. πŸ™‚

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