ChromeMilk: Task Management tool for Google Chrome

ChromeMilk is a great tool to manage your tasks and to-do list in Google Chrome. It is based on Remember the Milk, online to-do list and task management utility. If you are a user of Remember the Milk and want to use it in Chrome without opening the original website, ChromeMilk is what you need.

  1. Go to Google Chrome extensions page and install ChromeMilk.


  1. Once installed, it will show you a small icon next to your address bar.


  1. Click on ChromeMilk icon and it will ask you to login with your Remember the Milk username and pass. If you don’t have one, you create one easily by click on the signup link.


  1. After you login, you will be able to see the to-do tasks list in the menu for that day. For example, I have once task which I must complete before sleeping i-e post.


  1. You can also add different task in the to-do click by click on the small “+ Add Task” icon.


  1. Click on Add Task and specify all the details of the task you have to do today or add task for any other day you want to. And it will show the task in the ChromeMilk task manager.


  1. Once you complete any task, you can change it to complete or postpone it to a later date if you want to.


  1. If you click on any task, it will take you to Remember the Milk website.


  1. Now, go to ChromeMilk options to see what other features it has. Go to Tools > Extensions > ChromeMIlk options. Or just right click on ChromeMilk icon and select options.


  1. It has many other options which you can choose as well like the popup type, icon badge (whether you want to display the icon badge or not) and reset options button.


It’s an excellent tool to manage your tasks easily in Google Chrome. If you use Remember The Milk, then this is the best extension for you to manage your tasks in Google Chrome. If you use any other tool to perform task management, kindly share with us.

Link: Download ChromeMilk for Google Chrome


Netchunks April 5, 2010

Wow this is a pretty handy tool and the name “ChromeMilk” too cool

hammad April 6, 2010

yes it is..especially if you use Remember The Milk service, this is the best tool available.