Cisco’s TelePresence combines audio, video and interactive elements to connect people virtually

image Every business wants to enhance the quality of their relationships, and for this purpose, we all know how important collaboration with clients, partners and colleagues has become in the corporate world today. All of this basically means a lot of company money getting invested in order to encourage face-to-face engagements. Not only that, there are other drawbacks like productivity challenges, and the time spent away from home.

In spite of the economic downturn and companies drastically cutting down their employee travel expenses world over, I wonder why technologies such as Cisco’s Telepresence never really gained momentum.

What is Cisco TelePresence?

Telepresence is a term that has developed within the technology industry to describe a new form of digital communications. Cisco’s Telepresence helps to:

  • Create a live, face-to-face communication experience over the network empowering collaboration.
  • Use the power of the network and help people
    • Meet
    • Share content
    • Create high-quality video recordings and events
    • Consult with experts
    • Deliver powerful personalized services

Some cool features

  • Easy scheduling with no IT support required
  • Easy method of launching a meeting, as simple as making a phone call.
  • People appear lifelike and life-size
  • Intuitive in-room controls
  • Plug and play collaboration applications
  • Participants can meet in many rooms at once, up to 48 locations in one meeting
  • Users can meet, record high-quality video, or participate in impactful special events
  • Users can easily bring in collaboration applications like WebEx
  • Existing SD or HD videoconferencing systems can be easily integrated.

The best part about this is that you can see the facial expressions during crucial business discussions across the “virtual table.”


  • Shortened meeting times
  • More convenient meetings with third parties
  • Real-time consultation
  • More focused participants (discourages
  • Increased stakeholder involvement

Cisco TelePresence ensures that businesses get the life-like communications experience they demand.

I wonder what’s missing that this technology hasn’t really clicked so well with businesses across the globe. Anyone who knows? Please feel free to throw more light on this.

(Source: cisco)

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