Why do I love Devils Workshop? [TDIS]

dw_logoI know the title of my post today sounds a little off-topic… and yes it is! I personally feel that this is something which everyone reading this will also agree with.

Talking about myself (and this is no shameless promotion), I was a college going kid when I started reading Devils Workshop. At that time, the only thing that really mattered to me was computer hacking, downloading stuff off the Internet and Orkuting.

I started following  Rahul’s blog because of a lot of posts on Orkut hacks and the kind of discussions and insights I used to get from the comments on those posts.

Eventually, I started blogging on blogspot myself, unaware of the magic of blogging and money that anyone can make out of it. I will have to admit that it was more of Rahul’s posts which made me fall for it and today I’m glad that I made the right decision and started blogging.

Later on I realized that WordPress is a much better platform for blogging and I moved to WordPress.. And again it was Rahul who helped me in all possible ways to start my first blog on WordPress.

Last but not the least, the decision of leaving my job and taking up blogging as a full time profession was more because of Devils Workshop.

(I know this post talks about my personal experiences and opinions, but since I am writing for the TDIS section, I think I am allowed to do that) 🙂

I’m sure many of us here have benefited from DW in one way or the other. We would love to know how and in what ways DW helped you change your life?

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venkat May 31, 2009

yes harsh no mistake in writing about who inspired you to blogging,I recently known about devislworkshop one gesture one can appreciate they are giving exposure to guest bloggers who are new to guest blogging like me as I had written my guest post already here.thanks to devislworkshop and rahul bansal. I am also looking to submit more guest posts here.