.COM domains from Godaddy just for $1.99!

I am damn sure, you must be wondering whether I am talking about a ‘.com’ domain or ‘.info’, if it is really .com then the domain provider must not be Godaddy.. aren’t you?. Infact, with a special promo code, Godaddy is providing ‘.com’ domains just for 1.99 USD + 20 cent as ICANN fee (Total comes to $ 2.19 = Rs. 100/- approx.).

Recently I stumbled over an article at weblogtoolscollection wherein  this great deal was mentioned, and I thought of sharing this with all my viewers, so that you may save some hundred bucks if you are planning to go for a new domain in the recent days ;). While registering for your own domain, please take care that, you do no forget to enter the promo code i.e. ‘199TEST‘ else you will not be billed under the special price.

I am not sure, how long this deal is open for, so it is advisable to make the transaction as soon as possible 🙂


(Via Weblogtoolscollection)

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15 replies on “.COM domains from Godaddy just for $1.99!”

  1. Yep, this worked for my brother a week back.
    This code will work only for a single domain. (Only once in a profile)
    All the domains that you buy later would cost you the usual rate.

    Btw if you are using ur friend’s credit card you need to verify your account after you make the transaction.

    My bro used his friend’s credit card and this was the mail he got from godaddy.

    “We are attempting to validate this recent purchase activity. Our goal is to reasonably ensure that the owner of the payment method has authorized the purchase(s). Please have the payment method account holder provide us a clear, legible copy of his/her government-issued, valid photo identification, such as a driver’s license or passport. If we do not receive the requested documentation within the next 48 hours, your order(s) may be cancelled for your protection.”

  2. Hmm… seems this is not working anymore.
    I tried in my old account and also made a new one to check this.
    But this doesnt seem to be working now.

    1. @Andy
      For which part do you need GoDaddy account?
      Please open a thread in forum to get your questions answered.

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