How to make a Creative Photo Profile on Facebook

By now you must have seen many Facebook profiles with a creative touch. A Facebook profile with your photo or a scenery and nicely divided.

Yes, now you can also make your Facebook profile look amazing. This is very easy. Profile Maker is an application that makes this task so easy.

How to make a creative Facebook profile?

  • Go to this application.
  • Allow the application.
  • Upload your photo or any other thing.
  • Click on Create Profile.
  • Click on Go to Photo.
  • There click on Make profile picture.

Hence, its done. Wow so easy. I am really thankful to the application developer to make it so easy. I have been trying to make such a profile page since long and now I can do it.

Did you try it? If you find any other such application do share it with me through the comments below.

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    1. You are most welcome Shivam..Did you create such profile using this app or some other app? Do share ..

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