Complete Guide to Following London 2012 Olympics Online

At the time of writing this post the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics is only a few hours away.
The summer Olympics take place every four years and the current edition seems to be the most connected games ever.

The official website for the event ( is very resourceful for looking up quick updates and also buying tickets if you are in and around London during the games.

But there is more to the online presence of the Olympics than just the official website. So I thought of creating a quick guide on how to follow all the official apps, pages, social media profiles and more.

Watch Events from London Olympics Live

The official Olympic Channel on YouTube will be have a live feed from various events streamed. The events can be toggled for timings and date based on preferences like country and sport. For instance if I select “India” and “Hockey”, it shows me the all the dates of the hockey team’s matches.

Link: Official Olympic Channel on YouTube

Olympics on Social Networks

One might say we are currently living in the golden age of social media. Sports and social media are a perfect match, as it allows people to show their support, discuss, praise and even criticize the performances of their favourite athletes.

The official Facebook page for London 2012, has videos, photos and updates on various events. The page can be “Liked” or simply “Subscribed” into a feed list. This could be useful to follow the updates in a more organized manner.

Link: Olympics on Facebook

The official Twitter account for the Olympics can be followed, but it also has a events page dedicated to the Olympics, which will show you prominent tweets on Olympics from the world over. The events page is basically an official hashtag for the event.

Link: Olympics Twitter Account | Twitter’s Olympics Event Page

Google+ too has a official page for the London Olympics. The page has similar updates, photos and videos from the event. The advantage of using Google+ are Hangouts hosted with some famous athletes like Usain Bolt.

Link: Official Olympics Page on Google+

Official Mobile App for Olympics Results

Usually we do not bother to see in-depth analysis and news on a smart phone. But it surely is very handy to keep track of results of the various events.

There is a official results app for the Olympics on Android and iPhone.

Hopefully, this page equips you to follow the mega event online, over the next two weeks.

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