Complete Guide to Following London 2012 Olympics Online

At the time of writing this post the opening ceremony of the 2012 London Olympics is only a few hours away.
The summer Olympics take place every four years and the current edition seems to be the most connected games ever.

The official website for the event ( is very resourceful for looking up quick updates and also buying tickets if you are in and around London during the games.

But there is more to the online presence of the Olympics than just the official website. So I thought of creating a quick guide on how to follow all the official apps, pages, social media profiles and more.

Watch Events from London Olympics Live

The official Olympic Channel on YouTube will be have a live feed from various events streamed. The events can be toggled for timings and date based on preferences like country and sport. For instance if I select “India” and “Hockey”, it shows me the all the dates of the hockey team’s matches.

Link: Official Olympic Channel on YouTube

Olympics on Social Networks

One might say we are currently living in the golden age of social media. Sports and social media are a perfect match, as it allows people to show their support, discuss, praise and even criticize the performances of their favourite athletes.

The official Facebook page for London 2012, has videos, photos and updates on various events. The page can be “Liked” or simply “Subscribed” into a feed list. This could be useful to follow the updates in a more organized manner.

Link: Olympics on Facebook

The official Twitter account for the Olympics can be followed, but it also has a events page dedicated to the Olympics, which will show you prominent tweets on Olympics from the world over. The events page is basically an official hashtag for the event.

Link: Olympics Twitter Account | Twitter’s Olympics Event Page

Google+ too has a official page for the London Olympics. The page has similar updates, photos and videos from the event. The advantage of using Google+ are Hangouts hosted with some famous athletes like Usain Bolt.

Link: Official Olympics Page on Google+

Official Mobile App for Olympics Results

Usually we do not bother to see in-depth analysis and news on a smart phone. But it surely is very handy to keep track of results of the various events.

There is a official results app for the Olympics on Android and iPhone.

Hopefully, this page equips you to follow the mega event online, over the next two weeks.

Do drop in your comments.


5 Announcements Expected at Google I/O 2012

Google I/O 2012 seems to be the showcase event where Google, will roll-out a lot of new features, updates and more. Last year, Google did introduce Chromebooks, which although are not very successful commercially, has been a favourite among many schools and universities in US and Europe.

This year too, there are a lot of expectations form Google I/O. Lets take a look at the 5 most anticipated announcements.

1. Android Jellybeans

Even though very few Android based smart-phones have Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich), all indicatoins suggest that Google will roll-out Android Jellybeans. It was only a rumour before, but recently it is more or less has become a confirmed announcement.

Yesterday, Google confirmed Jellybeans, by unvieling this Jellybean filled Android statue on its laws.

Android Jellybeans might be a sure thing but its version number is not yet confirmed. It could be Android 4.1 or even Android 5.0. That apart, Google will have to do something to get OEMs to push Android updates a lot faster than they have been doing, which has led to a sort of fragmentation. This fragmentation actually creates a lot of issues for developers, who are the heart and soul of the Android ecosystem.

2. Nexus 7

Google has been rumoured for a long time to be working on releasing a tablet. The leaked specifications on Nexus 7, have rumour mills going that Google will pull off a low priced tablet that will run on Android Jellybeans. This would put is as a viable option to Amazon’s Kindle Fire.

Google might unveil a completely different tablet but whatever it does, it is probably a good step as Android based tablets are really not catching anyone’s attentions at the moment.

3. Google Drive


Google Drive was earlier but we have not seem many updates and improvement on it. At he moment Google Drive API works only for web apps which have to be installed from the Chrome webstore. This sort of makes Google Drive on the web only useful on Chrome. I guess they will roll out more features and options to make better use of Google Drive.


4. Google + Motorola


Google has recently acquired Motorola at a very heavy price. So there is a natural expectation that Google will put that talent to good use with a showcase new smartphone or a range of new phones in partnership with Motorola. At the moment its Nexus phone is sold by Samsung, while the Nexus 7 tablet seem to be built by Asus. Nothing heard about Motorola as yet, but pretty sure will hear something interesting about it.

5. Google+ Features and API access

Google+ was launched late last year but capture a great deal of media. People are already writing it off as a play where not one really visits. But with social media becoming more oriented towards mobile phones, Google+ might see some interesting new features.

Most importantly, there is a chance Google+ API is made available for app developers. It was already rolled out to Flipboard, a mobile based feed reader app.


Google I/O Curse for new announcements?

Google has not always hit the bull’s eye with all their announcements. If you remember duds like Google Wave, Google TV and to an extent Chromebooks have been all announced at previous Google I/O. Hopefully Google will a lot more success with their new products in 2012.

Follow Google I/O 2012 on their official page where all the conferences will be streamed live.

What do your expect from Google I/O over the next three days? Do drop in your comments.


Google to shut down Meebo and here are some alternatives

Popular instant messaging service Meebo to be shutdown by Google by July 11th. As you know, Meebo was aquired by Google a few days back, and now they announce that they’ll be shutting down most of Meebo services, except the Meebo bar. Google has been doing this lately, shutting down Picnik and other not so popular Google services, to concentrate more on Google+.

Update: You can download all your chat logs on Meebo from this link.

Here are a few services you can try out if you miss the Meebo messenger. All these messengers work have web clients, just like Meebo does.



In my opinion (no, that wasn’t a pun), is one of the best web-based messengers out there. They do have mobile apps supporting all the major platforms, but their web client keeps it apart from others. The web client lets you IM, video chat (also voice chat), transfer files, and even access chat history. It supports a big list of IM services, from Gtalk to Steam.


Related: Import your Meebo chat history to


2. Nimbuzz

Besides IM, you can also make low-cost international calls in Nimbuzz, both on mobile and desktop. They have recently released their API, which lets developers make automated chat buddies – this feature may be integrated in the next version of Nimbuzz, and its apps. They also have a Chrome app, in case you use Google Chrome.

Link: Nimbuzz

3. eBuddy

If you want to more control over your web messenger, you should consider trying eBuddy’s web client. They also have eBuddy XMS, which is eBuddy for mobile. Like Facebook Messenger, eBuddy XMS will let you know if your message is read.


Link: eBuddy

4. Trillian

Trillian has a nifty feature which lets you update your status of different social networks right from the messenger, that includes Facebook, Twitter and many more. It lets you customize using themes and a bit more.

Link: Trillian

5. IM+

Not as popular as previously mentioned messengers, but worth a try if you’ve already tried the rest of them, has a handy auto away feature.

Link: IM+

Try out the apps, and tell us which one you’d prefer to use.


5 Best News Aggregators To Keep Yourself Updated

The web contains millions of blogs, so what’s the best way to look up latest news, everything on one single page? Here are 5 awesome news aggregators which do the work for you. Read on!

Note that, by news aggregators I don’t mean feed readers like Google Reader, Feedly etc., instead I mean the services which grab and show trending links.

#1. Google News

One of the most used news aggregators, Google News covers news of all kinds gathering posts from 4,500 sites. It has great options for customization, you can add custom news topics, add news sources you like and more. Another cool new feature is, Badges, the more you read the more badges you get which you can certainly show to your friends.

Link: Google News

#2. Techmeme

imagesGetting featured on Techmeme is like a dream for every tech blogger. It’s totally confined to technology, great for tech enthusiasts. Unlike Google News, you get everything on one single page. They also have a mobile optimized site so you can catch news on the go.

Link: Techmeme

#3. Popurls

Popurls_black_backgroudPopurls is more than a news aggregator (we did a full review, back in 2008), apart from the fact that it has dedicated apps for iOS, Android, Blackberry and more, it also has other services in its network like PopShuffle which randomly opens popular links. You can signup with Google/Open ID and get access to customization features.

Link: Popurls

#4. News Map

NewsmapA flash based news aggregator, great for looking up world news, again, it shows everything on one page. It is actually based on Google News but shows the content more visually, looks great on wide screen computers.

Link: News Map

#5. Twitter

Twitter-trendsLast but not the least, who can I forget Twitter? Keep an eye on Twitter trends and make sure you follow the right people (or bots) to get the news you want. You can also make use of Twitter lists, one of the most overlooked features of Twitter, to build lists of Twitter handles of BBC, CNN etc. for more organized way to follow news.

Twitter Search is great for looking up news of live events, Twitter also has an official search addon for Firefox and in Chrome, you can manually add Twitter to the list of search engines.

Check out these tools and do tell us what’s your favorite news aggregator.


20 Bookmarklet Alternative for Popular Chrome Extensions

As soon as you read the title of this post, you must have got a doubt “why should I avoid extensions?”  Well, too many extensions for a browser is not good and when it comes to Chrome, it’s horrible because Chrome is already known for its high memory usage and now if you install more extensions, then it become a resource hog!

How to avoid extensions?

  • Have you heard about Bookmarklets? At least you must’ve known about User Scripts. Currently those two are the only alternatives to these memory sucking extensions. Bookmarklets are small java script codes which alter the webpage you’re viewing; they’re generally stored as bookmarks.
  • An Extension loads up as soon as a browsers starts and it continues to work (irrespective of website). On the other hand Bookmarklets and User Scripts are Website specific, for example if you want to spice up your Facebook theme, then all you wanted is a simple Userscript not an extension like Better Facebook.
  • Installing Bookmarklets is as easy as pie. Just drag the Bookmarklet links into your bookmarks bar and click to access them instantly.

List of Extensions you can avoid

  1. Firebug Lite Bookmarklet – Alternative to Firebug Lite Extension
  2. Capture Screenshot Bookmarklet – Alternative to Screen Capture(by Google) Extension
  3. Bookmarklet – Alternative to Google Dictionary Extension
  4. Blog this! Bookmarklet – Alternative to Blog this! Extension
  5. Tineye Bookmarklet – Alternative to Tineye reverse image search Extension
  6. TBuzz Bookmarklet – Alternative to Twitter Tweet button Extension
  7. WOT Bookmarklet – Alternative to WOT Extension
  8. Retail Me Not Bookmarklet – Alternative to Invisible Hand Extension
  9. Amazon Wish List Bookmarklet – Alternative to Amazon Wish List Extension
  10. FFixer UserScript – Alternative to Better Facebook Extension
  11. Facebook Photo Theatre Killer UserScript – Alternative to Revert Facebook Photo Viewer Extension
  12. MegaUpload Auto Download UserScript – Alternative to MegaUpload Download Helper Extension
  13. RapidShare Auto Download UserScript – Alternative to RapidShare Download Helper Extension
  14. Quix Bookmarklet – Alternative to Bitly Sidebar, Readability, Clip to Evernote and many more!
  15. YouTube Lyrics UserScript – Alternative to Music Video Lyrics for YouTube Extension
  16. Loopy for YouTube UserScript – Alternative to Auto Replay for YouTube Extension
  17. Keepvid Bookmarklet – Alternative to YouTube Downloader Extension
  18. Turn Off The Lights UserScript – Alternative to Turn off the Lights Extension
  19. Read Later Bookmarklet – Alternative to Instapaper Extension
  20. Alternative to FlashBlock – If you’re using Chrome as your default browser, then you can make use of this tutorial to block flash elements.
  • Type about:flags in the Omni bar and hit enter, now search for click to play experiment and click enable.
  • Next, go to Chrome’s settings page i.e. chrome://settings/content, under Plugins section, select click to play. That’s it, from now chrome doesn’t load flash elements.

Tip: You can allow flash elements to load in video sites like YouTube through the plugins icon in the omni bar.

I know, these UserScripts and Bookmarklets cannot replace the Extensions perfectly but still, if you think from memory perspective then they’re worth trying.

Do share your views on these UserScripts and Bookmarklets.


Top 5 Social Media Management Tools of 2010

Social Media Management has become an important factor these days, to keep a track of your business in real-time and to attract unique customers to your website/service.  Mashable has nominated the following 5 tools in the ‘Best Social Media Management Tools’ category for the Mashable Awards 2010, which is  to be held next week at CES 2011.

Here are 2010’s Favorite social media management tools. Guys at Mashable carried out a voting process out of which 5 were selected.


Today’s most popular tool for keeping track of tweets, photo tweeting and managing friends and followers. It does not have the ability to add tabs, and its speed with respect to refresh rate, interface etc. is way slower than its closest competitor HootSuite. It does not support scheduling tweets at a certain time, unlike HootSuite.


HootSuite supports a lot of features not supported by TweetDeck such as scheduled tweets, additional social networks (MySpace, Pingfm, WordPress, Linkedin) and multiple accounts and users. It shows a better performance than TweetDeck in terms of  display of statistics and speed. As far as the features, usability, support for other social networks is concerned, HootSuite wins hands down against TweetDeck.

3.Who Unfollowed Me

This is a web-based application for twitter which can tell you which people unfollowed you from your twitter account. One has to sign in with his/her twitter account from this website and simply click on check unfollowers to know who unfollowed you recently. You can also check out the people who you followed, but did not follow you back.


Ubervu deals with community metrics and analytics. When you search for something on Ubervu, it returns complete record of conversations on one single page including comments to the post from all over the Web – WordPress, Twitter, Digg, FriendFeed, Reddit, Facebook, YouTube, Picassa  and many more. UberVU can easily keep track of and interact with the people who search for your business/website, by giving you great tools and analytics oriented around the UberVu community. However, this service is not free and can be used for first 14 days as free trial.

Credit: Crunchbase


According to WildFireApp, 50% of online users like to enter sweepstakes or contests atleast once a month. This is why, WildFireApp provides the user to create their own interactive promotions such as contests, sweepstakes, coupons, giveaways using their step-by-step promotion builder. This helps the users to promote their businesses via social networks. WildFireApp also provides analytics and metrics to analyse the promotions.

After reviewing the above tools there were some other tools which ought to be on that list.

  1. Social Mention
  2. SWiX
  3. Alexa
  4. TweetBig
  5. BlogPulse

Do check out these as well.

Drop in your reviews and comments !


10 Interesting facts about Twitter

Twitter is something I was not fond of but started using slowly and regularly when I started to blog. This is when I realized the many applications for using Twitter. Last month we had a post by Vishwanath Dalvi who wrote about 21 interesting facts about Google. I thought I would do a little research thanks to Wikipedia articles and other sources I managed to put together 10 interesting facts about Twitter. 🙂

  • Twitter was created mainly to stay connected with a group of friends through SMS channels. It was never meant to be used on the internet much and that was the reason for its 140 character limit.
  • Twitter was mostly funded through venture capitalists who funded most of the $ 50 million, Twitter is still operating on.
  • Twitter was founded in 2006 and for the first 3 years as a company Twitter made a total of ‘zero’ dollars in revenues.
  • Twitter is expected to make 1.54 billion dollars by the end of 2013 with over a billion users.
  • Twitter has over over 65 millions tweets everyday and that averages to 750 tweets per second.
  • There are over 70,000 registered applications for Twitter created mostly by people who have no connection to Twitter.
  • The first tweet on Twitter was by Jack Dorsey and the tweet was “Just setting up my twttr” on 21st March 2006.

  • There are over 75 million Twitter accounts of which only 2546 accounts are verified.
  • Tweets like “i am having lunch’ became known as pointless babbles. A research showed that about 40% of the tweets are in this category.
  • Twitter handles 24 billion search queries a month. Yahoo handles 9.4 billion search queries and Bing handles about 4.1 search queries. This means Twitter is the ranked #2 search engine behind Google which handles about 88 billion search queries. 🙂

Hope you found these facts about Twitter as interesting to read as I enjoyed searching and compiling them. If you think I have missed anything interesting or have views on Twitter do drop in your comments. 😉


Bluetooth v4 to hit market by end of 2010.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has finalized the Bluetooth 4.0 specs. It is expected to reach manufacturers by the end of August 2010, with hardware expected to reach the market in late 2010 or early 2011.

This newer version is based on low energy module and hence, it can be built into products such as watches, wireless keyboards, gaming and sports sensors, health care products, which can then connect and communicate with host devices such as mobile phones and personal computers.

Main features for users like us would be, resistance to interference and range can be optimized as per application demands upto 200 feets or even beyond (Currently it is ~ 30 feets). This would be specifically required for, in-home sensor applications where longer range is a necessity. This all is going to extend Personal Area Network (PAN).


According to latest press release from Bluetooth Special Interest Group, More than 8 new Bluetooth enabled products are qualified every working day and more than 19 million Bluetooth units are shipping per week. There are nearly three billion Bluetooth devices in the market and that number climbs daily, making it the only proven wireless choice for developers, product manufacturers, and consumers worldwide.

Estimate of Bluetooth Integration in Mobile Phones
2007 2012
47% 73%


  • Ease of implementation both independently and in coexistence with classic Bluetooth technology.
  • Low cost as a standalone device and minimal cost addition when integrated into a Bluetooth dual mode device
  • Extremely low power consumption. Especially low standby currents for applications with long idle times between active radio use.
  • Low peak and average power consumption to enable button cell applications with minimal external componentry such as capacitors and power conditioning circuits
  • Robustness and resistance to interference
  • The ability to provide a variety of range, extending to full home coverage
  • Fast startup and shut down times
  • Physical and operational coexistence with classic Bluetooth technology
  • Similar level of privacy and security that Bluetooth v2.1 has today.


Looks like one more big step to stay wireless.


Google celebrates Sir Isaac Newton’s Birthday; the new Google Doodle!!

Today when I logged in to the Google’s homepage, I noticed the logo with 5 apples and after a few seconds, I felt like some action when one of the apples dropped 🙂

I was amazed to see this and refreshed the page again to see it again. I was very curious why the apple dropped. Others find it funny, while others are thinking deeply what’s the reason behind the apple drop.

First, I thought that the animated dropping apple is because of Google’s rivalry with Apple while some must not have cared about it.

So, why did the Apple drop? I found the answer once I placed my mouse on the Google Apple Doodle for the day 🙂

After clicking on the doodle, I realized that today is Isaac Newton’s birthday! Isaac Newton got famous because he invented the concept of Gravity when an Apple dropped over his head (what we read in our Class 7 books ) That’s it! That’s why the apple is dropping today on the Google’s homepage!

The Issac Newton Google doodle for today is simply amazing. If you have not been on Google’s homepage today, then it’s time to do it

So, go to the Google’s homepage of you have not seen the Apple dropping there already 🙂

Happy Birthday Sir Isaac Newton 🙂

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Wish u all a very happy n rocking new year 2010!

Dear Readers & Bloggers,

Devils Workshop and Team rtBlogs wishes you all a very happy n rocking new year 2010 ahead. 🙂
New Year 2010 Signpost

Year 2009 – At A Glance!

We started 2009 with a much-detailed post here.


More than 1000 posts has been published by 50 authors on DW in 2009. You can see list of all authors on DW here.

We managed to get a big and polished-office in Pune now for rtCamp. Our blogging team has been already expanding and we will be announcing few great news soon over the next 2-3 weeks.

Plan for Year 2010!

rtBlogs will become autonomous entity with its own team and leaders. With DW redesign projects a great deal of exercised will be carried over next 3 months.


If all goes well, you will be thrilled to be part of rtBlogs network. And we thank you in advance for being with us all over the time!

As we are really upto some big things I cannot disclose more details ahead of time! 😉

New Year GiveAway

The new year for DW readers has been already kicked off by a great webhosting giveaway sponsored by Harsh. If you are a new blogger and looking forward to start blogging on your own server, this is your chance, so don’t forget to participate as contest is open till January 15th!

On Personal Front…


I haven’t started my personal blog yet but I will try my best to do it it this year. I really hate using my name and I am yet to settle on a good name for my personal blog! But, if plan for year 2010 goes well for rtBlogs, I may end up being a regular author again on Devils Workshop and WpVeda! This is what they call full-circle! 😉

Rest thank you all for being with Devils Workshop and all other blogs in network!

Keep reading, keep blogging! 🙂

UPDATE: rtCamp is winner of Kaltura Challenge!

Just checked this great news from Zohar that rtCamper Kapil Gonge’s open-source BuddyPress-kaltura plugin declared winner of Kaltura Contest! You can read more details here!