Atari Classic ‘Missile Command’ Game Hidden on YouTube as Easter Egg

YouTube has been celebrating ‘Geek Week‘ over the past few days, It is basically a week of sharing videos for geeks that follow just about everything from ‘Lord of the Rings’ trivia to comic books to technology. Google is obviously filled with some geeks who are very partial to some classic video games. The classic Atari game called Missile Command has been .

1980: Play any video on the YouTube website and pause it. Then type in the characters ‘1980’. The video turns into the popular 1980 classic game called Missile Command. The idea is to save the video and destroy the missiles before they land on the video.

A Missile Command like video game shows up above the YouTube Video

The controls are a little clunky but it did bring back some nostalgia for DOS based 8-bit games. The game also has a cheat code. Just type in “2300” while playing it and the users gets more power in the game. Try this Easter Egg on YouTube and drop in your comments.

Thanks to Saurabh Mukhekar for the tip.