Atari Classic ‘Missile Command’ Game Hidden on YouTube as Easter Egg

YouTube has been celebrating ‘Geek Week‘ over the past few days, It is basically a week of sharing videos for geeks that follow just about everything from ‘Lord of the Rings’ trivia to comic books to technology. Google is obviously filled with some geeks who are very partial to some classic video games. The classic Atari game called Missile Command has been .

1980: Play any video on the YouTube website and pause it. Then type in the characters ‘1980’. The video turns into the popular 1980 classic game called Missile Command. The idea is to save the video and destroy the missiles before they land on the video.

A Missile Command like video game shows up above the YouTube Video

The controls are a little clunky but it did bring back some nostalgia for DOS based 8-bit games. The game also has a cheat code. Just type in “2300” while playing it and the users gets more power in the game. Try this Easter Egg on YouTube and drop in your comments.

Thanks to Saurabh Mukhekar for the tip.


Indian movies are available on rental at Google Play and YouTube

It looks like Google is finally taking India seriously as a consumer market. Today Google unveiled a double treat for users. First was making movies available on Google Play and also making movies made available on rental with YouTube.

Google Play has started listing local movies that can be downloaded for Indian users. I saw that a quick search of Hindi movies brought about a few popular movies that can be purchased.

Google Play Hindi Movies

Mostly the prices are lower for older movies while newer ones are expensive. Foreign language movies are even more expensive.

This move comes on the heels of Google Play listing Nexus 7 available in India. It had already started selling books on Google Play for users.


So was not surprise that Google Play has started renting out movies.

Link: Google Play – Movies

YouTube Movie Rentals


The movies are up for rental on YouTube with their new featured channels that allow Indian users to not just stream full length movies free but also rent them online. This option of renting movies is newly introduced in India. The listings and pricing seems similar to Google Play movies.

Link: YouTube Movies


What is in store for the future?

Apple has already launched Apple TV in India. I can see Google now is preparing the ground for something similar. It is reasonable to expect Google TV being made available in India at some point of time.

Though one major drawback in India are broadband speeds are not exactly blazing fast all over but if more people rented movies online, ISPs will see an opportunity to improve broadband speeds.

Bonus Tip: If you are having trouble using or registering your bank card to buy apps, books and movies on Google Play, check our guide on using Entropay’s virtual credit card.


Google releases YouTube Capture for iPhone enabling quick video sharing

While there’s Instagram for quick photo sharing, there’s isn’t such a product for video sharing. Though YouTube is available on mobiles, the process of uploading videos from the app isn’t streamlined, and hence Google has released YouTube Capture.


The whole point of the app is to shoot videos and share them quickly before the moment is gone, because – you know, life’s fast.

The process is really straight forward – you open the app, shoot a video, after which you add a caption and share it among social networks (here you can actually share it on Facebook and Twitter, not just Google+).


There are few neat features included like video stabilisation which will be really useful for editing shaky videos. There’s also colour correction and ability to add free background music.

Too much iOS love?

One thing which has surprised me a bit is that, Android version of YouTube Capture is yet to come – Google has confirmed that in their blog post. With updated Google search, Gmail, Google Maps and now YouTube Capture, iOS seems to be getting a lot of Google love, lately.

Try out the app and tell us what you think.

Link: YouTube Capture


YouTube Improves Stabilization Features for Videos Shot with Mobile Cameras!

Home videos are a lot of fun and in recent years, thanks to YouTube everyone uploads a few that can be shared with your friends and family living in distant places.

Unfortunately not everyone is an expert with a camera and hence a lot of home videos end up being shaky with distortions.

YouTube itself has a nice tool to stabilize shaky videos automatically. Unfortunately these did not work as well with videos shot with a mobile phones. Mobile phone cameras have an electronic rolling camera shutter which ends up distorting the image especially if the camera is moved.

According to Google’s Research Blog, videos shot on mobile phones will be automatically compensated for rolling shutter distortions.

Use YouTube Editor to Stabilize your Videos

  • Access your videos on YouTube Editor and select the video you want to stabilize.
  • YouTube will automatically stabilize any shaky videos and also work wonders with videos shot with mobile phones.

Check this demo from YouTube on how well video stabilization works.

Video Before Stabilization:

Video After Stabilization:

Seeing how well YouTube stabilizes videos, it might be a good idea to upload all those shaky mobile home videos and stabilize them. In case you are uploading your personal videos it might be a good idea to not make them public and share them only via a URL.

What are your views on YouTube’s stabilization features? Do drop in your comments.


YouTube Allow Adding Subscribe and Share Buttons on Embedded Videos


YouTube is the king of online  videos with more than 48 hours of videos uploaded every hours,  recently it  has crossed 4 billions of views in a day. YouTube has great feature of embedding the videos on any Website or Blog, this help in promotion of videos as well as retention of users on the site.  Earlier users could only view the videos but were not able to get information about the videos (descriptions), nor were they able to share it from the site where videos are embedded.

To share users has to visit the YouTube video page. But now YouTube has rolled out two new drop-down button in the embedded videos which allow users to view the infromation of videos as well directly share it to Social media sites without leaving the site.

Share Video directly


There are two new drop-down button added in the embedded videos  at the top right after the title of video – Share and More info. With Share button, which open a sharing page on the video itself allows user to share video on Facebook, Orkut, Google+ and other major sites.

It also allows user to embed video as they do on YouTube, with all available options like embedding-size and the starting point.

Get information about the videos

The ‘More info’ button displays the Channel on which the video can be seen, along with the no of subscribers of the Channel and an option to subscribe to the Channel. If you have already signed into your YouTube account, after pressing subscribe button, you will be automatically subscribed to the channel otherwise a popup will appear to authenticate. 

Details of the videos as well as no of views and likes and dislikes are also shown. This feature of videos can easily turned on/off.  It is good for the user to get the information about videos without going to YouTube. Users can also like or dislike the video while they start watching the video, those button appear on the same title bar.

youtube subscribe in embedded video_info

This will be hugely important for people creating video content on YouTube to be able to use it on a website without losing out on the social juice.

 What you think about these changes YouTube done on embedded videos? Do drop in your comments!


Watch Indian TV Serials on YouTube!

Are you addicted to a popular tv series in India but cannot manage to watch them during their daily time slots? YouTube is where people should flock to. They have just made it easy to browser through 19,000+ episodes of various Indian TV shows.

Just visit and people viewing form India will be served yup with local content.

It seems media houses in India are increasingly getting comfortable with the idea of embracing the internet and the advantages it offers. About two years ago YouTube did open its doors to full-length Indian movies but at first glace, it does seem the TV show are a more comprehensive list.

This list is created by YouTube from the official YouTube channels which television production houses have. Majority of these serial were anyways uploaded by


Why getting on YouTube makes sense for Indian TV Channels?

I know many people who miss some episodes on the television and end up catching up from sites which might be uploading these episodes illegally. A lot of the these uploads are done on YouTube itself. Considering Indian television mostly has daily soaps or sitcoms, it makes sense to keep the audience upto date and do it officially through YouTube.

In case you want to watch television shows in English language, you can select them from this link.

What are your views on watching television shows on YouTube? Will it cut out piracy or illegal streaming? Do drop in your comments.

Link: YouTube Shows


[Stats] 4 Billion Video Views Every Day On YouTube!

YouTube has made a few changes over the past year, with its new design and better social media integration. Some users were unhappy but it seems the changes have brought about some positives for YouTube.

According to Reuters, YouTube has reach the milestone of 4 Billion videos views per day. That is 25% up since data from May 2011.  The number is truly mind-boggling, as it means that every hour 166 millions videos views take place. That does mean more than 46,000 videos views per second.

Other YouTube Statistics

  • 10% of videos on YouTube are available in HD.
  • Over 48 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute.
  • Mobiles users account for 400 million views on YouTube.
  • 500 tweets on Twitter link to a video on YouTube every minute.

YouTube Monetization problems

Also 3 billion videos are monetized per week. That means less than 1/10th of the videos watched on YouTube are making money.

YouTube has been one of Google’s great successes but at the moment it is not making any real money for Google. But as bandwidth grows across the world, online streaming could possibly replace television over the next decade. This puts YouTube in a great place.

What are your views on the growth of YouTube? Do drop in your comments.

Link: YouTube Statistics


YouTube Unveils Slam: Pits Similar Videos Against Each Other

Almost anyone who watches online videos, does spend a lot of time on YouTube. Google has redesigned YouTube recently, which encourages viewers to share videos socially and view videos watched recommended by their friends.

YouTube has launched a new addictive game, called YouTube Slam. This pits one video against another and lets the user choose.


For regular YouTube users, this could be a great way to discover new videos. Two random videos are pitted against each other and we have to select one of them. The videos are categories under Comedy, Cute, Music, Bizarre and Dance. The videos that win most often get highlighted on a leaderboard.

YouTube’s Viral Tool

Such a game, where videos are pitted against each other can be very addictive and the preferred way for some to pass time. Searching videos to watch something funny can be a boring job, so such small features will help YouTube users discover videos randomly. It could also be a launch pad for some videos to go viral.

Try out YouTube Slam for yourself and drop in your comments.

Link: YouTube Slam


Enable the New Design for YouTube on Your Browser

Editor’s Note: YouTube has now made the new design available to all users so this hack is not needed anymore.

Lately Google has gone on a re-design frenzy from Google search, Gmail, Google Reader and more. This redesign push from Google has started after it introduced its social offering Google+.

So a new design for YouTube was not exactly surprising. At the moment Google has not officially made the new design available for all users but there is a workaround shared by Moritz Tolxdorff.

If you are using Chrome or Firefox, you can simply paste a code into your browser’s developer’s console which creates a cookie for YouTube making the new design available. 🙂

New Design of YouTube on Chrome and Firefox

  • Visit the YouTube website on your Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Now open the Developer Tools Console by clicking on “Ctrl + Shift + J” keys for Chrome. In case you are using Firefox use the “Ctrl + Shift + K” keys
  • Now copy and paste the code from below and enter it into the console.
  • This will create a cookie which will allow your browser to look up YouTube in a new design.
Try out the new design, it is quite interesting. If you want the old layout back, just clear cookies from your browser. 😉
Do drop in your comments.

Online Tool to Upload MP3 file to YouTube – mp32tube

When it comes to listening to audio files on your computer or iPod, everyone likes having the files in mp3 format. When I search for music online, I end up like most people, looking up the song on YouTube. This is because you will come across a lot of audio files on YouTube with just a image being played as video. This is a boon for people who upload their own music online and want to tap into the popularity of YouTube.

Use Mp32Tube, a web tool that easily allows you to upload your MP3 files onto YouTube.


  • Upload your MP3 file and add a name and description.
  • Also make sure you add the proper keywords and a new image to go with your file.
  • Send this file to YouTube or even create an AVI file.

Make sure while you upload music files, you are not breaking any copyright laws. As if the file is removed from YouTube, it might affect your account reputation on YouTube.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: MP32Tube

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