Atari Classic ‘Missile Command’ Game Hidden on YouTube as Easter Egg

YouTube has been celebrating ‘Geek Week’ over the past few days, It is basically a week of sharing videos for geeks that follow just about everything from ‘Lord of the Rings’ trivia to comic books to technology. Google is obviously filled with some geeks who are very partial to some classic video games. The classic […]

YouTube Improves Stabilization Features for Videos Shot with Mobile Cameras!

Home videos are a lot of fun and in recent years, thanks to YouTube everyone uploads a few that can be shared with your friends and family living in distant places. Unfortunately not everyone is an expert with a camera and hence a lot of home videos end up being shaky with distortions. YouTube itself […]

YouTube Allow Adding Subscribe and Share Buttons on Embedded Videos

YouTube is the king of online  videos with more than 48 hours of videos uploaded every hours,  recently it  has crossed 4 billions of views in a day. YouTube has great feature of embedding the videos on any Website or Blog, this help in promotion of videos as well as retention of users on the […]

Watch Indian TV Serials on YouTube!

Are you addicted to a popular tv series in India but cannot manage to watch them during their daily time slots? YouTube is where people should flock to. They have just made it easy to browser through 19,000+ episodes of various Indian TV shows. Just visit and people viewing form India will be served […]

[Stats] 4 Billion Video Views Every Day On YouTube!

YouTube has made a few changes over the past year, with its new design and better social media integration. Some users were unhappy but it seems the changes have brought about some positives for YouTube. According to Reuters, YouTube has reach the milestone of 4 Billion videos views per day. That is 25% up since […]

YouTube Unveils Slam: Pits Similar Videos Against Each Other

Almost anyone who watches online videos, does spend a lot of time on YouTube. Google has redesigned YouTube recently, which encourages viewers to share videos socially and view videos watched recommended by their friends. YouTube has launched a new addictive game, called YouTube Slam. This pits one video against another and lets the user choose. […]

Enable the New Design for YouTube on Your Browser

Editor’s Note: YouTube has now made the new design available to all users so this hack is not needed anymore. Lately Google has gone on a re-design frenzy from Google search, Gmail, Google Reader and more. This redesign push from Google has started after it introduced its social offering Google+. So a new design for […]