Creative internet memes on Facebook spread like wildfire!

All social networks contain a lot of strange events happening. Information spreads rapidly across continents and similarly harmless meme’s also spread fast. Facebook has a new online meme or rather a new game that a lot of people are playing. The game is quite simple. It was first posted on Fbknol our blog on all things Facebook.

Rules of the Number Game:

  • Ideally lets say someone sends you a number in the form of chat or a Facebook message. This number can be used by the you to say something about that person.
  • Most times that number is added to the status message left on the Facebook Profile.
  • This actually is like sending secret messages to friend without actually hiding them.

Personally I am not a fan of such games or internet memes, but off late there have been a few Meme’s that are happening on Facebook. Like the latest one about changing your Facebook profile page into a cartoon character.

Maybe someone should analyze and do some research on how such things spread on Facebook and other social mediums to simulate how even real news ends up spreading like wildfire on the internet.

What do you think about these things? Do you think such things are harmless fun or actually can show how things spread in the virtual world almost at the speed of thought.

Link: Read How To Play Facebook Number Game

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Dashrath February 4, 2011

Facebook is a amazing social networking site. It really good. I am using always & contact to our all friend