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Announcement : We are  adding a new blog  to rtBlogs Network, Cult Affair. Cult Affair is a blog where readers can come and spend a little bit of time everyday to seek some inspiration. The blog basically searches for stories or pictures which are inspired from very ordinary things. It will cover stories of real people and their creativity. Or simply share creative adventures which you may stumble upon.

The following is the list of our network and now a new blog Cult Affair is also added to the network the idea behind this blog is of Shradha Rao.

  1. Devils Workshop : Devils’ Workshop is one of the top leading blog on Web2.0, Internet tools and general computing.
  2. WpVeda : At Wpveda, you will find complex tutorial on WordPress from our core WordPress developer team.
  3. FacebooKnol : Facebooknol is blog dedicated to Facebook Lover.
  4. OrkutDiary : Orkut is India’s number 1 Social networking website and here you will find the latest updates on Orkut.
  5. CricTalks : We talk about Cricket here.
  6. CultAffair : A blog where readers can spend a little bit of time everyday to seek some inspiration.

Developers might need some changes or refreshment then this is a good place to come to take a break. You can also submit your suggestion through your comment or Email. To find more details visit Cult Affair.

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