Devils’ Workshop Is Now On Alltop

If you follow a lot of blogs, there is a good change you have come across Alltop. Alltop is a blog feed aggregator created by Guy Kawasaki. It has all the top blogs and website featuring in different varied categories like Tech, News, People, Health, Culture and more.

We had submitted our blog to under the Tech category quite some time ago. Last week we got confirmation that our Alltop submission was accepted. 🙂


If you visit and see the last blog featured or right-hand corner at the end of the page. It is our very own Devils’ Workshop.

If you have an account at, then surely add our feed from Alltop’s Tech category.

In case you are not on Alltop, you can still follow our feeds on our Twitter and Facebook profiles.

Do drop in your comments.

Link: Alltop – Top Tech News


Chiranjeev December 18, 2011

congrats for this achievement!!

Aditya Kane December 18, 2011

@Chiranjeev: Thanks and it was quite a surprise for us. 🙂

Mohul December 18, 2011

kudos! Inclusion into AllTop really means a big deal.. slowly but gradually, DW is getting into mainstream media.. congratulations!

Aditya Kane December 18, 2011

@Mohul: Thanks. Yes, that is the dream, that Dw will be considered mainstream media someday.

Rakshit December 18, 2011

Congratulations 🙂

Rakshit December 18, 2011

Congratulations. I have heard of Alltop quite back, but never noticed that DevilsWorkshop was not featured there. Happy to know that from now DW will be there at Alltop too.

Anil Agarwal December 19, 2011

Congrats. My blog is also listed here under blogging category. You can view it at